Can You Heat a Shower Bench?

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Shower benches have become a popular home improvement idea with many benefits attached to them, including relaxation. The challenge, however, is the ice-cold sensation it gives when you sit on it. Users find it discomforting and ask if the alternative of heating a shower bench exists?

Heating a shower bench is possible and can be achieved in more ways than one. Depending on the technique you choose, heating your shower bench can be costly.

Placing my behind on a cold surface isn’t a thought that appeals to me, and I’m certain many people feel the same way. However, having a heated shower bench makes your bathroom experience more comfortable and worth looking forward to. Keep reading this article to know more about heating a shower bench.

Is Heating My Shower Bench a Smart Idea?


The thought of having an additional private spot in your bathroom where you can sit while washing off feels relaxing. You may be wondering if anything could be better than having a shower bench? Yes! A heated shower bench!

The warmth of your shower bench can enhance your bathroom experience. You don’t have to suffer the nightmare of pondering over how you’d endure the teeth-gritting feeling of a freezing shower bench. Although the bench surface warms up to your body temperature with time, that initial cold sensation can be unpleasant.

Heated bathroom benches can be a blessing for people who live in polar regions. During the winter seasons, nothing encourages me more to shower than the thought of settling on my warm bench. The combination of a warm bathing surface and flowing steamy water is pure bliss.

Why Should I Install a Shower Bench?


The primary idea behind the shower bench is to offer comfort to users and make shower time more convenient. I can bet that if you have a place to rest while you wash up, your shower time will increase.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Installing a shower bench adds to the beauty of your bather and improves its general appearance. You’re also at liberty to choose the design of your bench to suit your taste and style. Monochrome surfaces are popular with some, while others prefer colorful or fun designs.

Appropriate for the Ageing Population and Handicapped

Most people forget to consider aging when developing their house designs. These are some essential details that are often missed or overlooked when designing a building. Installing shower benches in the house makes the bathroom experience less painful for the elderly.

Old age comes with weak stamina, dwindled health, low flexibility, and other associating issues. You can’t afford to expose yourself to more harm and likely bathroom accidents. Installing a shower bench also means you can help yourself out in old age without feeling handicapped.

If you care for a disabled individual, a shower bench will make their caretaking more rewarding. You’ll agree that some days are better than others in situations like this. You’ll save both of you a great deal of frustration while using the shower room.

Shower benches are excellent for people who are incapacitated and unable to perform activities that involve leg motion with ease. This also includes people with leg injuries that might be unable to endure standing in the bathroom.


After facing an endless standing queue, or a hectic workday, the last thing you’d want is another strenuous activity. Shower benches offer you optimum relaxation when washing the day’s stress off your body. It is a soothing start to prepare your tired body for bed or dinner.

All you have to do is sit and let the water wash over you, calming your nerves and relieving muscle tension. If you’re weary from standing after a bustling long day, a shower bench will make for an early Christmas gift.

Bedroom Extension

You can use your shower bench as a bedroom extension for your toiletries and body cosmetic products. Ensure that whatever you store is moist-resistant, so it doesn’t soak in or get ruined. Your bench already occupies space in your shower room, so you could as well use it to your advantage, right?

You’ll also create more space in the bedroom by moving items like your scrubs, body wash, shampoo, and body lotion. Organize them neatly at the corner of the bench, less prone to moisture.

Minimize Bathroom Accidents

I remember the case of an extended elderly relative who slipped while having her bath. Although she didn’t die on the spot, she didn’t survive the complications due to that fatal fall. I believe the story could have been different with a shower bench.

On a general note, bathrooms are considered a major danger zone in the house. Moist makes the floor quite slippery; with one wrong move, you could find yourself on the floor in seconds.

The use of bathroom benches to avoid accidents like these can’t be emphasized enough. Using a bathroom bench will make you feel more secure, allowing you to move freely.

Luxurious Look

Lying on your shower bench brings home the spa effect. You can lie facing down and enjoy the relaxing sensation of the hot water on your body. This is a cheap way to enjoy luxury.

Occasional extended hot baths have also served some health benefits for old and young people alike.

Spice up Romance

For couples who love spending a lot of time together, a shower bench is the answer to your desire. You get to enjoy each other’s company while bathing – a double shower benefit. Couples who spend most of their day apart in different workspaces aren’t left out in this.

It’s a romantic way to bond and talk about your day. Relax into each other’s arms and let the water soothe your skin. You could even engage in extra-physical activities if you know what I mean!

Disadvantages of Shower Benches

Consumed Space

Shower benches consume considerable space in the shower room, reducing the floor size. For houses with minimal bathroom space, installing a shower bench can restrict your movement while using the bathroom. Worst still, you can block or tighten the entrance.

Choosing to install a bathroom bench implies sacrificing some room unless you have ample space. This might end up adding to your stress rather than reduce.

It’s Not an Add-on

Bathroom benches are better installed alongside other furniture when you’re renovating or erecting a new building. If not, it could be a complex project. Besides adding to your work stress, it might mess up your bathroom and make it unusable temporarily.

At the end of the day, it’s still possible that it won’t fit in well as it should. This can make your bathroom look somewhat awkward.

It Can Be Costly To Put In Place

Installing a shower bench adds to the overall cost of your building project. You have to pay for additional manpower and bathroom glass fixtures.

In my opinion, the most difficult part of this is that you’d require a manufacturer to design it. This is needed to ensure the bench fits nicely inside the bathroom.

No matter your decision, a shower bench in your bathroom isn’t a bad idea. It would be more beneficial to you than not having it.

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