Can You Hang Family Photos in the Living Room?

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If you’re not a professional home decorator, you’ll be skeptical when making home design decisions, especially in the living room. Everyone gets the urge to hang family photos in the living room, but is it ever okay to do so?

The living room is one of the best places to hang family photos for maximum exposure. Depending on where and how you’re hanging it, you can either make or break the room’s design. Fortunately, there are accessible guides to help you through the process of hanging family photos in a living room.

In this article, you’ll learn the rationale behind hanging family photos in your living room. If you want another recommendation, you’ll also discover the best places to hang family photos apart from your living room.

Can You Hang Family Photos in the Living Room?


If you’re looking to display your gorgeous family photos around the home, the living room is your best bet. It’s the default location for those family photos you want the public to admire. As long as you follow some unwritten rules about hanging the pictures, your living room should work just fine.

When placing your photos in the living room, you may want to put them in an obvious location. Hanging them in an obvious spot will make it easier for visitors to see and admire them instantly. If the walls around your living room look too lifeless and empty, you can make them livelier with some photos.

Excellent family portraits can also take the place of paintings if you have some in your living room. If you haven’t bought those expensive paintings to design your living room, you may want to consider passing on them.

The many advantages of visible family portraits over artworks make them a better design option than artworks. With experts opining that photos improve children’s self-esteem, you may want to keep those photos high for your kids’ sake.

It’s important to know that family photos can only look good when hung up the right way. The following section will explore different ways to hang family photos in the living room to retain an exquisite look.

Where to Display Family Photos in the Living Room

Unless you’re a home designing expert, you’ll struggle to find the best spaces to hang your family photos. As hinted in the preceding section, hanging family photos in specific ways can be advantageous in numerous ways.

Alternatively, you can use our excellent suggestions to learn the best places to display photos in your living room. Here are our top tips for the best spaces to hang family photos in your living room.

On the Wall

With your sitting room surrounded by walls, it’s hard to justify finding places to hang your family photos. As long as blank spaces exist on your walls, you have a pretty space to hang all your family photos.

When populating your wall with photos, one thing to keep in mind is to avoid decorating adjacent walls with pictures. Your room should offer some break from the gorgeousness of the beautiful faces in your family pictures.

When looking for someplace to hang your gallery pictures, you don’t need sophisticated accessories. Frame your photographs, hang them on a blank wall, and watch the adorations pour in from different guests.

On Shelves

If you have a pretty large room, hanging your family pictures on the walls may not make them very visible. This is even truer if your photos are neither big enough to stand out nor enough to create a gallery. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean your family photos can’t make an impact; you only need shelves.

A shelf allows you to display similar photographs beside each other while decorating the home simultaneously. If you took family pictures on a trip with relevant souvenirs, you should consider constructing floating shelves. The shelves will make it possible to display the souvenirs alongside the photograph, making it even more memorable.

Around the TV

There’s often a great deal of space around the TV, and people don’t utilize the area with many decorative elements. Your family photos are an excellent excuse to break that trend, as they will look gorgeous around your TV.

However, it’s important to note that this change may lead to some TV distractions at first. Everyone will try to remember the memories that brought about the memorable photograph, distracting from the television.

When placing family photos around your TV, you generally want to ensure that the frame colors are mute. Since it’s easier to ignore colors with a darker tone, that might just help you focus better on the TV.

You should also ensure that the photos that hang around the TV are smaller than the TV itself. Since the TV should be the focus of attention in the living room, having gigantic photos around might not be the best idea.

Above Furniture

While hanging photos around your TV will bring them the required attention, sometimes, it’s just better to be muter. Instead of making a statement above your living room’s focal point, why not hang the photos above your sofa?

If there’s enough space above some of your living room furniture, you can utilize them by hanging some family photos. However, doing this requires precise measurement, as you don’t want the photos looking offbeat over your couch.

This photo placement will be recommended if your furniture has matching colors with an element in the photograph. This match will make you think pictures were taken to hang over your living room furniture, not as an afterthought.

How to Hang Family Photos in the Living Room

It’s one thing to understand where to hang family photos, and it’s another to know-how. Your photos will still look out of place if you know where without knowing how.

Here are some of the ways to hang family photos in the living room for the best look:

A Large Photo

If you have a favorite photo that you’d like on display, you can use it as your Facebook cover image. Alternatively, you can make it into a large frame for a wall, creating an excellent living room family photo.

Depending on the number of people in the picture, a large photo can be vertical or horizontal. While portraits tend to look better, large horizontal images also work if they don’t hang around your TV.

Create a Photo Grid

If you take a great many family photos, you may have just enough to create a miniature photo grid. A photo grid, otherwise known as a gallery wall, showcases a carefully selected portion of your family photos.

Creating a photo grid may sound as simple as hanging many photos side-by-side, but it certainly isn’t. If you don’t follow the unwritten rules of creating a living room photo gallery, your photos will all look odd.

Before pairing photos together, you may want to create a matching theme. If you don’t have pictures that match, you can modify the color of the frames to make a makeshift match.


After deciding on a match, you can arrange your photos in the way you see fit. Remember, this is a creative task, and you’re allowed to invent rules. One rule you shouldn’t break is leaving some breathing space between every photo on your gallery.

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