Can You Haggle at Furniture Stores?

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There’s an average idea of what type of items or places one can bargain prices without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. Some people would rather try their luck at places like clothing stores. When it comes to furniture stores, people aren’t certain if they can negotiate for a better deal.

Some furniture stores accept discounts on item prices up to a certain point (usually about 15% – 20%). Unless you haggle prices, you may never realize that you can earn some discounts. That said, bear in mind that willingness to negotiate on prices is limited by certain factors.

For products that have fixed prices written on them, it may be difficult or totally impossible to negotiate the price. I’ll highlight factors that can limit your bargaining power at furniture stores. Also, I’ll explain other unique alternatives to get your desired furniture pieces at discounted rates.

Are Furniture Stores Willing to Negotiate Prices?


As mentioned, certain things can influence and limit your bargaining power at furniture stores, and they include:

  • The type of furniture available limits your negotiation power because not all furniture stores are the same. For instance, most IKEA furniture isn’t negotiable compared to other brands.
  • Your bargaining power is doubled when a piece is on clearance. There are times when furniture stores need to clear out older stock to make space for incoming pieces. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find your needed furniture for half the price.
  • You should also target the appropriate time of the year to shop for your new furniture and decor. The months before spring and fall often work best. After that, stores begin to stock up on new products and pieces for the season.
  • Furniture wholesalers also make an excellent source for you to haggle the price of your favorite furniture. This is because their mode of business demands frequent turnovers for new products.
  • Opportunities like Black Friday sales and the week after Christmas can also be the right time to take advantage of smashed product prices. You might earn as much as a 60% discount on a designer piece!

How Can I Get Furniture at Affordable Prices?

Buying furniture is one of the major expenses involved in setting up a new apartment or renovating your home. You need to have calculated plans in place to help you get better furniture deals. Here, I outlined many things you can do or look out for when shopping for your next furniture set.

Check Out Thrift Stores

Most items donated to thrift stores have varying levels of bruising due to use. You can check for items that will require minimal attention to put them back in shape.

Thrift store furniture increases your options and provides you with stylish and quality furniture for your home.

Try Relocating and Estate Sales

People often relocate for different reasons, and some will need to sell off their furniture. That’s one great way to get your home some quality furniture at a lower price. You can also benefit from individual and local garage sales around you.

Be on the lookout for estate sales, and remember that their finest furniture sells fast. Jumping in early on estate offers will grant you the privilege of getting more valuable and appealing pieces.

Visit Special Furniture Stores

It’s possible to get quality designer brands from discount furniture shops around. Do your research and find out if you have clearance stores like American freight or Big-Lots in your location. You might find items you like with small dents and abrasions that can be easily fixed.

Home furniture shops occasionally offer slash prices for materials and furniture pieces that haven’t sustained too much damage. If you get information early enough, you can lay your hands on some profitable deals.

Buy or Refinish Furniture?

Consider the possibility of a facelift and refinishing for your furniture. Sometimes, you may not need to purchase a brand-new furniture set if you can refurbish old ones effectively.

You can take advantage of countless do-it-yourself (DIY) resources on the internet. It’s also possible to consult sales representatives at any local home improvement store around you for better ideas and guidance. Mix your revamped furniture with a few new items like throw pillows and table covers to give your home a fresh look.

Search for simple decorations online, or check home decor stores in your vicinity to find accent items and ornaments. Don’t underestimate the huge difference these simple revamps can make in your home. You’d be surprised to realize the amount of cash it can save you.

Consider Promotion Stores

Consignment shops sell items at decent rates that still generate meaningful profit for retailers and main distributors alike. It is a better replacement for supermarkets that stock up expensive designer brands.

Try Moving-out-of-business Offers

There are rare opportunities when retailers decide to close their business doors for good. They’ll need to clear out stocks, materials, and equipment in the building before they can do that. This might be the right time to do that furniture shopping you’ve been planning and budgeting for.

I won’t suggest you wait until the closing week of business to shop. Despite their prices dropping, you stand the risk of limiting your choices.

Trade by Barter

People are not even aware that options to swap their household or personal items exist. Platforms such as Freecycle or Craigslist enable you to exchange your items with other willing users. This opportunity comes in handy in situations where you can’t afford a new set of furniture.

To be safe, ensure that the available offers match the worth of the furniture and items you want to exchange.

Compare Prices

You don’t want to realize you could have gotten quality furniture for a lower price somewhere else. Although this isn’t always the case, still there’s nothing wrong with comparing costs with competing ventures.

How can you make the most of your shopping without a thorough market survey? It’s advisable to check in with other stores to compare the cost of similar products you’re shopping for.

Lookout for Specific Promotions

Another opportunity to purchase new furniture for your home is when stores need to clear old stock for new sets. A great place would be business ventures that deal in seasonal items. They often have some luxury items at reduced prices.

The first and third quarter of the year is usually the most advantageous period to pounce on these special offers. You may be lucky enough to jump on your favorite pieces at discounted prices.

Don’t Be Scared to Haggle

Furniture with price tags can still be negotiated since the prices aren’t engraved on stones. You might be surprised at how willing the seller is to reduce the price. They are aware they can still make a decent profit.


Frequent turnovers are common with wholesale ventures. You could pay regular visits to wholesale dealers around you. This is especially if you’re looking at buying fresh furniture designs.

The chances are that you might see what you like for a lesser price than usual.

With the practical information shared in this article, you should be able to make the most of your furniture shopping. Find out the suggestions that are most accessible to you, then try them!

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