Can You Fit Carpet With Furniture Still In The Room?

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There would come a time when you would need to change the carpet in your room. Usually, this activity would require you to do some furniture movements, which could be massive and heavy. This should make you wonder if you can fit a new carpet with furniture still in the room.

Professionals usually advise against keeping furniture in the room when installing new carpet, resulting in unnecessary damages. Still, there are times when moving this furniture would be very difficult, requiring some brain work. This proves that certain conditions determine if you would leave or move your furniture before carpet fitting.

There isn’t a definite answer to the question, as various conditions would determine what’s best for you. Although, the best practice is to move your furniture before installing the carpet to avoid damages. I would explore what it takes to fit in a new carpet and how you can prepare for it.

Installing A New Carpet


The process of installing a new carpet might require the services of a professional fitter. This might sound like you would be spending above your budget when you could just do it yourself. It’s always advised to employ the service of an expert, mainly because they trained for this.

Employing professionals is one of your best options as it helps you save for unexpected complications. Complications may include damaging a new carpet with the furniture still in the room. This instance is one of the reasons why you should get the services of an expert.

Carpet fitting might seem simple, but it is more technical than it appears to the eyes. This skill requires precise cuts, fitting of snug to baseboards, and stretching of carpet.

Fitting a new carpet requires precision, or wrong placement can disfigure the item. The goal is to have a well-fitted carpet with a good design. You might end up creating lumps and bumps while fitting your carpet if you are not careful.

Notwithstanding, placing your table or chair directly on a carpet that isn’t correctly fixed can make you spend extra on getting a new one. A damaged carpet is not just unattractive; walking over lumps and bumps can be very uncomfortable.

Aside from the right skill, some grade equipment is needed to achieve this goal. These tools are not something you easily find in many houses. This implies that carpet fitting shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It is best to remove your furniture temporarily, as stretching and placement of the carpet occur during installation. The position of your furniture will also affect how far the carpet can be stretched. So leaving furniture in the room while installing your carpet can cause some noticeable damages after installation.

Experts require that all furniture be moved from the room before carpet installation. What’s more interesting is that some furniture may have to be disassembled before removal is possible. This alone is labor-intensive and can be hard on the muscles, your back, and of course, your knees.

Depending on the project, one might require the effort of two or more people to move. Homeowners are best advised to consider this, as it’s not a small task.

Is It Possible To Keep Furniture In The Room During Fitting?

Yes, leaving furniture in the room while installing your new carpet is possible. Though this requires some shifting and piling as you install the carpet. The expert often warns against this method since carpet fitting requires finely-tuned precision, and adding any shifting weight only spoils the work.

There might be cases where you stay in a single-room apartment and don’t have much space. In such a case, it’s advised to move all your belongings, including furniture, to one part of the house. This would give you a little space to lay the carpet from one end until you are done.

Can You Fit Carpet Yourself?

Professionals would advise against fitting carpet yourself, though this is not an impossible task. You first have to ensure that at least two people or more are present for the job. Also, if you want a good job, precise measures have to be taken, and the right tools must be used.

Bear in mind that carpet fitting requires a lot of patience. Most times, you would spend hours installing a new carpet, which can be frustrating. You will have to be very patient if you want to do it yourself.

Some words of caution before embarking on the task of fitting your carpet; carpet installation can be physically demanding. This is an engagement that demands you move your carpets back and forth. As you know,  this is a task of heavy lifting that requires an assistant.

Be careful not to overwork yourself, as this could aggravate any existing body, muscle, or back pain. It may also require long hours of kneeling and repetitive kneeling and standing movements. All this can affect your overall health, so it’s advisable to think about these downsides.

After due consideration, if you still choose to fit the carpet yourself, ensure you have a detailed plan in place. Ample hands are required to carry out the task of fitting carpet with your furniture in your living space. This should also be done within a reasonable time frame with appropriate tools in use.

How Do I Properly Move My Furniture?

It’s not unusual to find carpets in most houses, even if it’s one part of the home. Nonetheless, getting the carpets where they are may not have been so easy.

The importance of exercising caution can’t be emphasized enough, as injuries to the carriers and damage to the carpet or furniture is very common. Additionally, fixing a damaged carpet can be costly, especially if it’s significant damage.

Some suggestions for moving furniture includes:

  • Disassemble the furniture if possible
  • You can purchase or rent furniture sliders or coasters
  • Lay down floor runners
  • You can try using carpet masking
  • Try not to drag the table, but lift it instead.

What Tools Do You Need To Fit A Carpet?

As mentioned earlier, carpet fitting is a fairly specialized job that often requires some specific tool. If you decide to improvise by using some hardware found in your home, it might not give a good result. Luckily, these fitting equipment can be rented or purchased.

Some of this equipment includes:

  • Carpet cutter
  • Seaming iron
  • Power stretcher or knee kicker
  • Claw hammer
  • Measure tape
  • Staple gun

Can You Work On Other Room Projects Before Carpet Fitting?

While doing the carpet fitting, you should use the opportunity to paint your baseboards. Also, if you feel the need to paint the house, this should be a time to do that.

Fresh paint, new carpet, and upgraded baseboards will transform how your room looks and feels. Aside from looks, you might not meet the conditions for this project anytime soon, so seizing the opportunity is best.


Fitting a new carpet has significant advantages in your home, both present and future value investment. One would want to ensure fixing a carpet properly is handled appropriately without unnecessary mistakes during the project. Otherwise, you would not get the comfort one gets from a new carpet installation.

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