Can You Add a Bathroom To An Attic?

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An attic is probably the last part of your house that you’ll pay attention to unless you intend to convert it to functional space. When remodeling your attic, you might consider how possible it will be to add a bathroom to its structure.

You can install a bathroom in your attic, depending on its size. A bathroom in your attic makes it a more comfortable space for any purpose. However, not all attics are large enough to accommodate a full bathroom.

If you’ve considered putting a bathroom in your attic, there are a lot of things you should know. This write-up offers you information on attics and bathroom options that are perfect.

What Should You Consider for an Attic Bathroom?


Before sawing and tearing down your attic structure, you must make adequate plans for its remodeling. The addition of a bathroom should be the foremost of your plans.

As with every installation, there are several factors that you must consider before fitting a bathroom into an attic.

Below are the essential points to consider.

The Type of Bathroom

A standard bathroom should have a sink, toilet, and bathing facilities. However, installing these kinds of bathrooms is expensive. Aside from the cost, full baths could pull a lot of weight in the house, causing damage to the drainage lines and water supply.

Instead of installing a full bathroom, you could opt for a “half bathroom.” There’ll be a toilet, a sink, and no bath facilities here. You could also opt for a shower, which won’t put much weight on the drainage system.

The Size of the Bathroom and the Bedroom

Every bedroom must meet standard requirements for it to be considered a bedroom. If you’re remodeling your attic into a bedroom, its size matters greatly. This size will determine how big or small your attic bathroom will be.

The Placement of Your Bathroom

The location of the bathroom is another vital factor to consider. An attic bathroom is usually closer to the highest peak of the attic. In other words, it shouldn’t be too close to the slanted parts of the attic.

You should consider the plan of the rooms below the attic. The arrangement of your wires and the connection of water systems should also influence the placement of your bathroom.

It’s best to place your attic bathroom above a kitchen or another bathroom to allow easy installation of pipes. The best way to plan the location of your bathroom is to draw a floor plan.

While drawing the plan, you must specify where every installation would be placed. For instance, if you decide to install a bathtub, you should map out the exact spot for the tub.

Your Local Standards Of A Bathroom

Different regions have specifics for a bathroom. Therefore, ensure you check in with your local authorities to confirm their specifications.

Materials You’ll Need to Install a Bathroom in Your Attic

Before I list out what you’ll be needing, here’s a little advice. Installing a bathroom in an attic isn’t a simple task. In other words, it’s not something that anyone can do if they have no experience.

If you’ve never tried bricklaying and plumbing, you shouldn’t attempt installing a bathroom yourself. Several professionals can handle the job and make it look fantastic.

To build your bathroom, you’ll need several tools. These include Wrenches, hammers, different types of saws, measuring tape, chalk lines, and screwdrivers. Fortunately, you can get these items at your nearest local store.

You’ll also need the materials for carrying out the installment. These include the water closer, plywood, floor covering, screws, plumbing supply, electric cables, sanding sheets, and bathing facility.

You’ll start the building process by framing out the space for the bathroom. If you want to create a wall between the remaining attic space and the bathroom, you’ll have to put up walls.

This is followed by plumbing, and this part can be tricky and may require precision. While installing any plumbing pipes, ensure they wouldn’t cause damage to other connections in the house.

The next step is to install your electrical appliances. Like plumbing, this should be done by a professional to ensure that it doesn’t disrupt other electrical connections

How to Make Your Attic Bathroom Look Comfortable

Installing an attic bathroom is one thing; making it feel comfortable is another. The finishing of a bathroom will determine how comfortable you will feel while using it.

Below are some ideas you should incorporate into your bathroom design:

Work with the Attic’s Architectural Structure

This idea should come to play before the bathroom addition. Try to work with architectural designs and not against them. For instance, if your attic has beams, don’t try to conceal them; instead, make them a visible feature of your bathroom.

Use Natural-Looking Designs

If you want your bathroom to blend with your attic, incorporate natural-looking designs. From the color of your tub to the style of your fittings, ensure they’re classy but not loud. In other words, opt for general colors like white, black, grey, and brown.

Aside from this, you could add a little greenery, like a potted flower, to spice up your bathroom.

Notwithstanding, you can design your bathroom to your taste. Use a color you love for the walls and the kind of fittings you prefer to convert the bathroom to your personal space.

Utilize the Eaves in Your Attic

The sloping ceiling in the attic shouldn’t stop you from utilizing your space. Unlike showers, you could fix a bathtub beneath the eave as it doesn’t need you to stand to your full height. If you’re not using a bathtub, convert the space into an extra storage space for towels.

Panel Your Walls

To make your bathroom look taller, use panels. You can achieve this with tiles or other wood wall paneling. You could decide to do a combo of tiles and wood, designing the lower half with wood and the upper half with tiles.

Feel Free to Use Dark Colors

Most bathrooms are characterized by their sterile looks. However, black colors are also good options for a bathroom.

Choosing a dark color for your walls and ceilings could lend the bathroom a cozy and refreshing look. You can then complement by using a lighter color for your floors.

What Is the Cost Of Adding an Attic Bathroom?

The amount you’ll spend on your attic bathroom depends on what you want. For instance, if you prefer a full bathroom with a bathtub, you’ll be spending more. On the other hand, a half bathroom will cost less.

Generally, the cost of adding an attic bathroom ranges from as low as $8000 to $50,000. This is because there are several complex steps involved in fixing a bathroom. Aside from all the materials, you’ll need, you’ll also have to pay for labor.

Does an Attic Bathroom Add Value to the Home?

An attic bathroom is a great addition not just to your attic but to your entire structure. This is because it increases the value of your house. So, if you plan to sell in the future, you’ll be getting more worth for your building because of the bathroom.

The higher you spend on the new installment, the higher the value of your house and vice versa. However, the bathroom must still be in good condition at the time of sale if you want to enjoy the returns.

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