Can Bedroom Furniture Be Different Colors?

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I love house decor, and I can tell you for sure that choosing the appropriate furniture is no easy task. Most people often choose to go with one or two color themes for their bedroom furniture; this way, they are assured that they are not making mistakes.

Yet, is it okay to have bedroom furniture of more than one color?

Bedroom furniture can be as many colors as you want, but you must know how to blend in colors so your room does not look absurd. I guarantee you that if you have well-mixed and matched colored furniture, your room will look more lively and aesthetic than a bedroom with a common color theme. Mixing colors can be backbreaking yet promising.

I will give you tips to create a custom bedroom with a designer touch in this piece. You may be doubtful about mixing furniture colors but remember that matching things is a past trend. So do not be afraid to do this; be bold, be different!

Is Having Same Colored Bedroom Furniture Outdated?


Just like fashion, house decor also has its trends. For example, there was a time when wearing many accessories was fashionable but not anymore. Similarly, people once loved the same colored furniture in their room; all the same, things are taking a different direction.

The truth is, many regard the super-matchy bedroom outlook as outdated- this does not mean it does not look good because it does. Many have experimented and preferred multi-colored bedroom furniture to single-colored ones.

Today, if you go to fancy hotels or stylish homes, you will realize that they do not have matching bedroom sets- this is because people no longer buy furniture as a set; they prefer to buy different pieces from different sellers and choose pieces that complement each other in subtle ways.

The human brain loves colorful interiors hence the gradual shift to differently designed and colored bedroom furniture.

Can Bedroom Furniture Be Different Colors?

As mentioned earlier, bedroom furniture can be any color one deems. Therefore, I cannot point out certain themes because I do not know your favorite colors; you can use a variety of shades in your room and achieve desirable results.

Why mix the color of your bedroom furniture? Color depicts one’s personality and can affect one’s mood. For instance, purple is comforting, orange is energetic, and red is determined. Therefore, if you always wake up feeling so low, consider choosing colors to make you feel happy and rejuvenated.

Can I Also Mix the Wood Tones of My Bedroom Furniture?

Mixing wood tones is brilliant and acceptable. What makes a good designer? The willingness to try different things. Most people would rather pick bedroom furniture built with the same wood. Still, this is basic.

How Can I Mix My Bedroom Furniture?

As much as it is acceptable to mix bedroom furniture, you should refrain from randomly picking colors because you will end up with an undoubtedly ridiculous-looking bedroom. Mixing colors is overwhelming because one has to be careful to choose colors that coordinate perfectly and not make an adult’s bedroom look more like a kid’s playroom.

Color Combination Tips

I know you probably wonder which colors would be best for your bedroom furniture, but the colors rely on your personal preferences. If you look at your clothes or other items like rags in your house, you will notice that some colors are recurrent- these are probably your favorite.

If you are unsure about the colors to use, you must have one color you love. Please feel free to google the colors that match it cohesively or ask for professional help.

You can choose to go for bright and neutral combinations. This method is quite easy and safe if you fear messing up your room. All you need is one bright color: purple, red, yellow, or pink. Don’t worry about the brightness because the neutral ones will create a perfect balance and appeal.

If you are still skeptical about bright colors, you can use them on small pieces of furniture, like a side drawer or a chair.

Another color combination method includes buying the same furniture with different colors. Some individuals are cynical about mixing furniture styles, as it is imperfect for them. However, wood accents of different neutral colors are pretty pleasing to the eye.

Do not only focus on the color of your furniture but also the material and texture. Your furniture might come out perfect, especially if you choose to go with neutral-colored furniture. Varying textures create interest. For instance, if you have a modern bed, buy a nice plastic Eames chair and a rustic nightstand.

You can achieve a custom look by highly contrasting the style of your furniture. However, houses with one design do not look half as good as those with more than one style. For example, try combining bohemian decor with modern furniture.

You are allowed to repeat specific patterns on your furniture as this brings your space together. I do not mean that everything should have a similar design, but some furniture can relate to each other. It is also okay if you want everything to appear distinct.

The bed is the focal point of your room and thus should be given much attention. Make your bed become outstanding as opposed to other pieces of furniture, so try not to match it with many things.

Remember, it is easier to match your furniture if you start with one piece. So, instead of buying all your bedroom furniture at a go, you can purchase one at a time; this way, you will pay much attention to details and end up not buying things that you do not like.

The secret to matching furniture is matching the big furniture with the small ones. However, if you try to match big furniture with big furniture, you will be creating that outdated look you are trying to avoid.

Whatever you do, try hard to create a harmonious look, contrast your furniture with your flooring, pick a dominant wood type, and throw in neutral colors to make your room have an executive finish.

Why Should I Mix and Match My Bedroom Furniture?

Many people love simplicity as it never goes out of style, yet there is no harm in a bit of intricacy. There are many reasons why you should have mixed and matched furniture styles and colors in your bedroom.

Mixed and matched bedroom furniture adds to one’s personality. Anyone visiting your bedroom will acknowledge and appreciate your good sense of style expressed through your decor.

You have many alternatives to choose from; there are no restrictions. As a result, your bedroom will have a different variety and hence be unique.

Mixed and matched bedroom furniture makes rooms look modern and stylish. Do not fear trying out new things if you want to have a lovely house. Just make sure you research or ask for professional opinions to evade making mistakes. Furniture with one color may look dull and restrictive.

In conclusion, I hope you have gained helpful insight into decorating your bedroom. There is no rule restricting the colors you can use in your room, but you should always have a dominant color, secondary colors, and accent color.

I hope you are now daring enough to mix and match your bedroom furniture. There is no right or wrong way of doing this, but everyone needs professional perception now and again. I wish you the best as you decorate your bedroom.

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