Can Bedroom Doors Open Out?

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You can tell that bedroom doors always swing toward the room if you are keen. Could there be reasons for that, or is it just by coincidence? There are specific reasons why most bedroom doors do not open outwards. Yet, can bedroom doors open out?

There is no definitive rule about how bedroom doors should open. But it is not recommended to make your bedroom door open out because this might jeopardize your safety and make your hallways disorganized. Since emergencies always knock at the most unexpected times, most bedroom doors do not open out.

In this write-up, I will focus on the most appropriate way your bedroom door should open; as much as it may seem to be a frivolous issue, the directions that doors swing in one’s house are crucial. If you ignore this issue, it may become burdensome to you in the future. Therefore, it is wise to have professional insight before installing exterior and interior doors.

Why Do Most Bedroom Doors Open Inwards?


Traditionally, bedroom doors swing in, yet this does not fixate on a standard procedure or law. This decision often lies on homeowners, and since most people trust professional architects and engineers to make decisions for them, they end up with doors that swing inwards.

Some locations have residential building codes that prefer in-swinging doors for safety and privacy purposes. If you have a private moment in your room, you will be alert if someone budges in without permission if the door swings inwards. But if it opens outwards, you may fail to notice that you have company.

Most municipalities have international residential codes in the U.S through which local governments may set their building codes. You should check local code requirements to determine if they have any restrictions on bedroom door swings. Even so, door installation still depends on your preferences.

Why Should Your Bedroom Door Open Inwards?

Bedrooms are the most significant rooms in a house because they are the place people spend most of their time in, especially if they work outside their homes. It is a place of rest and reenergizing; hence it must be arranged harmoniously. An inward door gives one a complete view of their space- it is more welcoming and allows fresh energy into one’s space.

Doors opening inwards are preferable because they minimize obstructions and clutter in the hallway, thus easing movement around the house. Of course, your house will be disorganized if you have doors swinging outwards. But it will seem more spacious with in-swinging doors, and one can even put some decorative furniture in their hallway.

What happens if there is an intruder in your home yet your bedroom door opens outwards? The intruder can easily bar you from leaving your room or do you harm. But if the door swings inwards, you can protect yourself in the room or choose to open it and run to a safe location.

In-swinging bedroom doors are perfect for disasters like hurricanes because they can be pushed open more easily than out-swinging doors. The doors are safe from water and wind because of their threshold design.

Your bedroom doors should open inwards because it is easier to open such doors. They have a sweep gasket hence open swiftly.

What are the Cons of In-swinging Bedroom Doors?

These doors are not as durable as out-swinging ones because their threshold design makes them keep water from entering a room and thus are vulnerable to rot. In addition, these doors are unshielded from airflows and leaks. Additionally, some doors may trap dirt and debris behind the door.

An intruder can easily kick in an in-swinging door, which lessens its efficiency in enhancing security.

Can Bedroom Doors Open Out?

Your bedroom door can open out, but you should know that this has its merits and demerits. As stated earlier, in-swinging doors are preferable for safety purposes, but why should you have an out-swinging bedroom door?

It is possible to have a bedroom door that opens outwards and be well prepared for emergencies. At times people get attacked, or water may overflow and block one in their bedroom. You can opt for emergency windows or window ladders in a tall building. Of course, this is tedious and less convenient for others.

You can look for alternatives for emergencies, but you cannot evade poor organization. For example, your door will most likely block your closet and walking space. Additionally, if it is a heavy door, be prepared for damages and loud bangs whenever the door hits an object.

If people do not install out-swinging doors properly, they are affected by water damage. One has to use hardware coverings to minimize the chances of such things taking place.

Are Outswing Doors Beneficial?

Outswing doors may cause havoc in your hallway, but they create more space in your bedroom. On the other hand, in-swinging doors that are left open may take up a lot of space, and although this may not be critical, you can creatively use additional space in your room. For instance, you can put a console table or a lamp in the extra space.

Out-swinging bedroom doors come in handy in dire situations. For example, people sometimes misplace their keys, and it is easier to unhinge an out-swinging door from outside. Hence, these doors are also essential in enhancing safety.

Should Your Bedroom Door Have Locks?

Most individuals prefer their bedroom doors to have locks for privacy reasons. For instance, parents of toddlers know that their children’s curiosity may make them destroy valuable items and thus prefer to lock their doors. But is this safe?

As much as locks enhance safety, they can also prompt danger in some situations. For instance, a child can accidentally lock themselves up in a bedroom, and it might be hard to solve these issues since interior doors cannot break down easily. 

If you prefer locks on your bedroom door, you should consider having a keyed knob bedroom door as they are convenient in most unfortunate situations.

Can You Reverse the Way Your Bedroom Door Opens?

If you are moving to a new place and you don’t like how your bedroom door opens, you have the option of unhinging it and installing it to work as you prefer. Always prioritize your safety needs and comfort, so do not feel obligated to live in a house with doors that make you uncomfortable.

It is pretty easy to reverse the way a door opens. First, you have to cut new hinge mortises and move the striker plates. After that, remember to fill in the previous cuts and paint them so your door looks neat. If you cannot do this, you can request the homeowner or a handyperson to do it for you.

Are There Other Options?

You might be in a dilemma about swinging doors and wondering if you could use other types of doors for your bedroom. Of course, there are other options like the accordion, shoji, and barn doors.

Barn doors are ideal for studios, but as I said, your house, your rules. Accordion doors are the folding types, and Shoji doors slide past each other. These doors are quite costly, but then you will not have to worry about security or the spacing of your house.

In conclusion, there are many alternatives to bedroom doors. You do not just wake up and choose a specific door type; you must contemplate safety, spacing, and emergencies. Most people do not mind the kind of doors they use in their houses as long as they open and close, but the essence of a specific swinging door comes in handy in certain situations.

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