Can a Sectional Fit in a Pickup Truck Or Cargo Van?

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I love sectional sofas because they create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere in my living room. Most people opt for them because they are comfortable, have super shape-shifting power, and provide additional space in small living rooms.

Yet, how does one transport a sectional fit?

Can it fit in a pickup truck or cargo van?

A sectional fit can easily fit in a cargo van or pickup truck as long as you measure the pieces before tactfully loading them in the vehicle. Some sectional fits may seem too bulky, like the U-Shaped and L-shaped with chaise sectionals, yet they still fit through doors, right? One must be careful while loading a truck with furniture to evade counterproductivity.

I know how tedious and stressful moving can be, especially when you have a lot of stuff. People often worry if their household items will safely get to their destinations; this is vital since reckless packaging in moving vehicles can lead to significant losses.

I will give a professional insight into how you can fit your sectional furniture in a cargo van or pickup truck. There is some equipment used to ease the moving process. Remember, regardless of what type of moving vehicle you are using, always ensure your items are appropriately secured and resist temptations to exceed maximum payload.

What Can I do To Make Moving Less Stressful?


The thought of moving is often exhilarating, but everyone knows that the moving process is demanding. You have to meticulously pack everything in your house, get a reliable moving company, and move out bulky items, not to talk of rearranging them in your new place.

The good news is that you can do certain things to make moving less daunting. They include planning early, giving yourself enough time to carefully pack up everything, staying organized, and hiring professional movers.

Not every individual can afford to hire a moving company, which is why it is essential to learn how to move your furniture out of your house and into the vehicle. Nothing is complicated as long as you are willing to learn.

How Do I Move My Sectional Fit From My House?

Moving any sofa out of a building is no easy task. Some furniture is hard to hold, heavy, and may not fit through doors and hallways. But if someone moved them in, they can be moved out.

How to Move a Sectional Fit Out Your House Like A Pro

Measure your doorways and hallways to determine if they are wide enough to fit your furniture. If you fail to do this and choose to force your furniture through instead, you might tear and damage your couch. By measuring, you can gauge the best way to hold your furniture so it doesn’t rip.

After measuring the passageway, measure your sectional sofa as well, and then select an ideal entryway. You may have many options to get your couch out, so you must determine the doors with the widest passages. After that, pick the most efficient route.

Depending on the size of your doorways, you may have to remove the doors and get rid of any debris or items that may cause tripping hazards along the way. If you unhinge your doors, you will create more space and ease your couch’s passage. Remember to rehang your door after finishing.

The good thing about sectional fits is that they are detachable. Hence, you can disassemble your couch into more manageable pieces, and this way, it will be easier to move them through narrow passageways.

While moving your couch, it might be exposed to dirty surfaces, which can permanently affect its appearance. Therefore, it is wise to cover your furniture with a piece of heavy clothing or moving blankets.

You can use some moving equipment to transport your furniture across flat surfaces. For instance, you can use a dolly to roll out your couch with ease; this is optional as you can choose to pick up your furniture manually, but equipment will protect you from incurring injuries or back strain.

You can use old blankets to pull your furniture across tiled and wooden floors if you cannot afford moving equipment.

It is pretty impossible to move furniture on your own. Regardless of your physical strength, it would be best to have a team move your sectional couch out of a building. Do not strain yourself trying to move your couch by yourself because this will not end well. Instead, find a person or two to help and, in turn, appreciate them with financial compensation.

Carefully secure your couch on a vehicle by using several ratcheting straps. Whether the vehicle is enclosed or not, always ensure your couch is held securely in one place.

Can A Sectional Fit In A Pickup Truck or Cargo Van?

Fitting A sectional Couch in a Pickup Truck

Before placing your furniture in a pickup truck, you must determine the truck bed’s length and width. This way, you will know the right locations to place a particular furniture piece.

If your pickup truck has a camper shell, it is possible to move your sectional fit at a go since it does not have height restrictions. Remove your seat cushions and secure the larger pieces in the track first.

Professionals always put the most extended piece of a sectional couch on the truck first facing bottom down, after which they fit the short sections piece by piece. The shorter sections go on top of the long ones and are placed upside down to avoid damaging the big piece.

The cushions must be stored after the other pieces have been carefully and well stacked together. You can store your cushions in the cab, and like your sectionals, remember to secure them with straps before you start driving.

Fitting A Sectional Couch in a Cargo Van

You can apply similar principles to fit a couch in a pickup truck if you are using a cargo van. However, remember that it is better to remove your cushions if they are detachable to add more room to the cargo van.

How Much Furniture Can I Fit In A Moving Van?

A moving van’s payload capacity is the weight it is allowed to carry. Some vehicles have more payload capacity than others; hence, the furniture one can fit in a pickup truck, and van depends on the acceptable weight load.

What happens if you carry above the payload capacity? You are highly likely to get in an accident, or the truck may get damaged. Therefore, picking a moving vehicle is a crucial process in moving.

What Should You Consider When Picking A Moving Vehicle?

As much as sectional sofas are detachable and can fit in cargo vans and a pickup truck, you should know that the dimensions of a van vary as per the model. Therefore, always check vehicles dimensions to establish width and height restrictions; this way, you will not choose the wrong vehicle.

It is wise to do a home survey which involves hiring a professional to assess your property and determine the best moving van that will work at your convenience.

It is vital to choose a good moving company and inform them early enough if you have bulky items so that they can come with the appropriate tools and vehicle.

In Closing, there are easy ways to fit and transport sectional furniture. You can evade stress while moving by planning early, measuring your furniture, doorways, and moving vehicles. Always take precautions by hiring someone to help you and covering and firmly securing your furniture in a vehicle before driving.

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