Can a Mattress Cover Prevent Bed Bugs?

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Bed bugs are disgusting and scaring tiny organisms, and the truth is you won’t like it when they infest your home. Once you notice them, you’ll look for all possible means to eradicate them soon enough. That said, can a mattress cover prevent bed bugs?

A mattress cover can prevent bed bugs from reaching your mattress and the box spring. Ensure you choose a good quality one so it can serve its purpose well, and always check it for any tears that can let the bugs out. Besides, the cover will also increase the lifespan of your mattress.

Understanding the role of a mattress cover amid bed bugs infestation is important. For this reason, I’ll take you through a lot about mattress covers and bed bugs. Including the duration, bed bugs can live in the mattress, whether the covers work, and more. Keep reading to learn more.

Where Do You Find Bed Bugs?


You can find bed bugs hiding in mattress covers, crevices, and cracks in bedrooms. Beside, infested areas may show this awful organism’s fecal smears, the dried waste from bed bugs.

You may also find their skin in those affected spots, and you’ll see them where the nymphs of maturing bed bugs molt during their development. Also, these organisms are always noticeable if you check their source closely.

Keep in mind that mattress covers and mattresses seams’ mostly the undersides are their perfect hiding areas. Those areas, alongside other sections of a bed, are where many spend a lot of time, and thus, feeding bugs don’t have to use more energy to get a perfect blood meal. Besides their host, local areas like carbon dioxide and heat are quite simple to concentrate on.

How Long Do Bed Bugs Live in a Mattress Cover?

Bed bugs live in a mattress cover for over twelve months without food if they have already been fed even once. Therefore, if you need a good cover to help you out, consider getting a box spring and a zippered mattress encasement.

While using them, ensure you assess their integrity more often. This will help you confirm there aren’t any rips or tears, plus, a greater quality is always the best option.

If you leave the bugs for at least one year, an unbroken cover will make them starve until they all die there. However, you will find it hard if you buy an inexpensive engagement as it’s likely to tear, mostly on high-pressure areas where they lay on bed frames. In such a case, the bugs will break out and restart the infestation.

Can a Mattress Cover Prevent Bed Bugs?

A mattress cover can only prevent bed bugs from reaching your mattress or in the box spring. It can lock the creatures inside an engagement, and thus they cannot move out and bite you. The covers will also protect a mattress by increasing its life span.

They also prevent spills on the bed. Note that bed bugs can easily hide in box springs rather than on mattresses, and hence, if you are buying engagements, you need to also cover the springs. This means the two items are distinct.

The materials used to make mattress covers are extra resilient, while the spring does get tear and wear from a bed frame. Nonetheless, using an encasement to protect your bed isn’t sufficient to unravel bed bug issues.

The small organisms can hide in several other areas in your room or close to your bed. Even though most of them remain near-bed spots, they may also live in picture frames, a beds headboard, electronics, and many others.

Therefore, if you get a different mattress and choose to encase it using a protective cover, you will safeguard it only from being infested with bugs. However, it can still stop them from spreading in your room.

Do I Need a Bed Bug Mattress Protector?

You need a bed bug mattress protector as it will help prevent the bugs from getting into your mattress, which is their favorite location. The protector will seal them inside and lead them to die of hunger.

According to statistics, around ninety percent of the bed bugs in a home arise on or close to box springs and mattresses. Therefore, covers will prevent them from infesting your bed and eliminate existing bed bugs that might be hiding around.

What Keeps Bed Bugs Away From Your Bed?

The following two techniques will help keep bed bugs away from your beds.

Cleaning Your Bedroom

When you clear your room, you will reduce the number of hiding zones for the bugs. Remember, a dirty home creates a breeding ground for bed bugs, so getting rid of them becomes a tough task. If they infect your mattress, you can use a bed bug cover known as an encasement on the mattress and box spring.

This will prevent them from reaching you as you sleep. Besides, you can leave it there for a whole year. Ensure you go for a tested product that is strong and can last for a long period without ripping.

Washing and Heat Drying Your Beddings

Ensure you wash and use heat to dry the blankets, bedsheets, and other apparel touching the ground. This will lower the number of bugs as the organisms, and their eggs can hide inside laundry containers. Consider cleaning them as you do your laundry so that you do not leave anything untouched.

Do Bed Bug Mattress Covers Work?

Bed bug mattress covers do work, and if there are bed bugs in your house, you will easily detect their presence. The encasements’ white color allows you to see them. Moreover, if you spot them on the cover, you won’t have to dispose of the entire mattress.

Their manufacturers also ensure that they use a bed bug-resistant membrane, and they cannot bite or penetrate this type of material.

You can use the covers to fully seal your affected mattress fully or lower the probability of your mattress being invaded. Covering bug-infested mattresses results in their death as time goes by.

They can exist for over six months without eating at temperatures of twenty-two degrees Celsius. Consider having the cover for that period.

However, this doesn’t mean that the covers aren’t infected. They also have bed bugs hiding on them. In such a case, consider removing It and then sanitizing it using hot, dry cycles and hot water.

These two methods will not affect your mattress’ integrity. When done with sanitizing and drying the cover, you can return it to your mattress soon.

How Do You Know Bed Bugs Are Gone?

You can know the bugs are gone if you did a professional treatment and cannot see any signs after three weeks from that time. Besides, you won’t feel their bites, see their skins, or new fecal. This means you managed to control the bed bugs.

Their invasion is normally complex to understand; hence it’s also hard to effectively control them. If a certain technique doesn’t help all the affected areas, you will need to redo the process several times so you can eliminate the bugs. Hence, increasing the duration

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