Can a Loveseat Fit In a Minivan or an SUV?

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If you are thinking of buying a loveseat but don’t have a truck, a minivan or SUV could be the next alternative to opt for. Minivans or SUVs are best for transporting cargo, and there is no doubt about it. However, can a loveseat fit in a minivan or an SUV?

A loveseat can fit in a minivan or an SUV. In a minivan, you get ninety-six inches of space with every seat down and fifty-five inches for a third down. Thus you can fit it at the back. As for a full or mid-size SUV, you can fit a loveseat effortlessly. Just measure the seat length and cargo space.

Here, I’ll comprehensively talk about a loveseat and whether it can fit in a minivan or an SUV, types of minivans that can fit a loveseat, and a lot more. With all these, you will be ready to transport your loveseat using the vehicle of your choice. Stick around to learn more!

Can I Fit a Couch in My SUV?


You can fit a couch into your SUV, either full or mid-size, without flexing up your muscles. However, before you try fitting a couch in your SUV, ensure you measure the length of your couch and also cargo space.

If you own a small SUV, you will possibly fit in a tiny couch, though if you hold a compact one, you will fit a tinier loveseat at the back. That will be the case while the seats are down. On the other hand, if you only have something bigger than a tiny fifty-two-inch loveseat, then it won’t fit into a compact SUV.

Besides, if the vehicle is just slightly smaller to haul a loveseat when the trunk is shut, you can tie the trunk using bungee cords or rope to ferry it safely. You can check lots of tutorials online with a simple google search to help you with the process. Note that the space you will get at the back of your car will be based on the model and make.

A mid-sized SUV such as Chevy traverse has about fifty-one inches of space at the back of the second-row chairs and over 80 inches behind the first row. Therefore, you may be able to have a smaller loveseat behind the seat’s second row. You will hence be able to set it in a while, having both second and third-row chairs down.

Because most of the mid-size SUVs can fit a loveseat behind, your loveseat will fit at the back of a full-sized automobile. Moreover, several households acquire SUVs for their potential to hold a huge percentage of individuals and their wide cargo spaces.

Can a Loveseat Fit in a Minivan Or An SUV?

A loveseat can fit in a minivan or an SUV. With each seat in the van down, you will get around ninety-six inches of the space, and when a third of the seats are down in a row, you get approximately fifty-five inches of the space. Thus, you will not have any issues when fitting any loveseat size at the back.

Also, take note that some van models are simpler to prepare for the loads compared to others. Most present models have seats that you can fold to the floor, and if you’ve any of them, it will be simple and rapid to load a loveseat at the back. If a model needs physical seat removal, don’t forget to plan some extra time in your shifting plan to account for the activities.

Mostly if you own a loveseat towards the prolonged side, even though it’s vital to understand the size of the loveseat, you also need to think about size plus the cargo space an SUV has to see if it can fit. You can fit a loveseat without any struggle in the process.

Which Types of Minivans Can Fit a Loveseat?

Currently, all the minivans in the market can fit a loveseat in them. However, how simple the process is,  depends on a particular model. So far, the simplest minivans to haul the love seats or plywood are Dodge or Chrysler minivan models. The reason for this is, the models give a stow and go, implying you can easily fold both the second and third rows. And thus, you will leave some space to pull your loveseat or any other thing that you wish to.

Besides, the other models can fit the loveseat, though you’ll have to work a little bit harder for that to happen. For instance, models like Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna can accommodate a conventional loveseat at the vehicle’s back. This will be through a fold in the third row of the seats.

Nonetheless, if a loveseat is much longer than usual, you’ll either fold up partially or eliminate the second row. Keep in mind that it will be a frustrating and time-consuming activity. With the two popular models, Dodge and Chrysler, just fold the chair into the floor. That said, you will be ready to move your loveseat within a few minutes.

Can You Fit a Couch in the Back of a Minivan?

You can certainly fit a coach at the back of a minivan. This will happen when some seats are down. To fit a couch in a minivan, ensure you fold the second and third rows towards the floor.

Still, you can remove the rear seats to fit your couch about eight feet long. If you slide the second row of your minivan’s seats forward, then you can put in a six feet long couch. Besides, the height of a typical couch isn’t an issue not unless it’s created to have a taller back.

What Is the Right Minivan Model for Moving Furniture

The right minivan model for moving furniture depends on your requirements. Remember, different models are designed with distinct load caring capacities. Therefore, if you will be moving heavier stuff, you need to opt for the correct van.

Generally, Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Pacifica are some of the best since you can easily fold their seats down on the floor in just a few minutes. The two are presently the only model with third and second-row seats you can fold.

What Has More Space, a Minivan or SUV?

A minivan has more space than an SUV. Minivans always have a lot more cargo and passenger space though you may think an SUV is bigger, and yet it isn’t. Even the smaller vans have not less than thirty cubic feet of cargo space at the back of third-row seatings. Besides, SUVs have never had over twenty cubic feet.

Some vans let you store a third-row seating, hence giving extra cargo space of up to eighty cubic feet. Therefore, you need to think about the amount of cargo space that you need. With the passenger space, if you have some older kids or you’re getting ready for teens, you will need a minivan.

Note that SUVs have a similar seating scheme as the vans. The arrangement entails bucket seats in front, captain chairs, and third-row bench seats. However, minivans have extra space between the passengers, higher ceilings, and lower floors. This means you will have adults ride while in the back chairs.

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