Can a King-size Bed Fit in a 12 by 12 Room?

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A king-sized bed is a standard for individuals because of the comfort and health benefits. These mattresses have ample space to sleep comfortably and sail away to dreamland. The question is, will it be possible to have a king-sized bed in a 12 by 12 room?

A king-sized bed will comfortably fit into a 12 by 12 room. However, it would make the room a little constrained as there’ll be only a little space left. A smaller bed will be a better option for a room that size.

Remember that your bed isn’t the only item you’ll place in the room. You would have to consider other elements like your wardrobe and table stand. Keep reading if you’re finding it hard to figure out the best bed fit for your 12 by 12 room.

What Is the Typical size of a Bedroom?


A standard bedroom should be at least 11 by 12 foot which is relatively small compared to the perception of several people. Nonetheless, as small as it might seem, it can comfortably contain a king-sized bed and a few other items.

12 by 12 rooms are slightly larger than the standard room, giving you extra space for your bed to fit. Still, not every king-sized mattress is a standard fit for your small room.

For instance, your bedroom will not accommodate an Olympic or Alaska king-sized bed because they require more space. Even if they fit, you’ll have to forfeit other furniture.

Types of King-sized Bed

King-sized beds first came into play in the 1940s in the United States but became very popular in the 1960s. Aside from the fact the Americans needed it, people were starting to increase in stature, making the bed the perfect fit.

In other countries, their requirements are quite different. Places with smaller build individuals have smaller dimensions for a king-sized bed. Thus, it’s no surprise that there are no general standards for a king-sized bed.

Following the International Sleep Products Association’s requirements, these are the most popular names and sizes for king mattresses.

Standard King-Sized Bed

These bed types are the most popular, with the perfect dimensions for a family. Types of standard king-sized beds include:

The Eastern King or Standard King

Standard king mattresses measure 76 inches by 80 inches (6 by 4 feet) or 6 by 4. It has a total surface area of 6,080 square inches. It’s the perfect size for a couple who has a small child or a pet to accommodate.

This bed size is one of the most popular, making it easy to find frames and beddings for them. They are also a perfect free for 13 by 13 rooms, providing enough space for individuals to move around regardless of their large bed.

California King

From its name, it’s easy to guess that these originated from Los Angeles in California. This bed is larger than the standard mattress, measuring 72 by 84 inches (6 by 7 feet).

It has a surface area of 6,048 square inches, slightly smaller than the standard bed. The bed is an excellent alternative for taller people. It’s also large enough to accommodate two adults and a small child or pet comfortably.

California king beddings and frames are also easy to find though they’re slightly more expensive. Its extra length and smaller width make it a perfect fit for 14 by 12 feet rooms.

Oversized King-sized Beds

These mattresses meet up to their category because of their extra size. They are also popular because they serve several functions. First, they’re perfect for everybody types, though slimmer people will feel like they’re being swallowed whole.

They are suitable beds for couples with different sleep patterns. For instance, if both love to roll at night, these beds allow them to do so without disturbance. It also accommodates larger families with three or four kids.

However, the problem with these beds is their scarcity. Most times, the only way to get one is to have them custom-made. The same applies to their frames and bedding.

Their size makes them too heavy. It’s hard enough to get a 6 by 7 feet bed into a house. Imagine getting one that’s larger than that!

Oversized beds are also not for small rooms. It’s completely impossible to use them in a room with dimensions less than 15 by 15 feet. If the room is smaller than this, you’ll have a problem moving around comfortably.


The Wyoming king mattresses are square, measuring 84 by 84 inches. They have a surface area of 7,056 square inches. Its length is the same as a California king mattress, but it’s more expansive than the standard mattresses. 

Wyoming is the smallest oversized bed, but it’s large enough to accommodate big-bodied adults who love bed space.

Super King or Texas King

An average Texas king mattress measures 80 by 98 inches long and has a total surface area of 7,840 square inches. Due to its size, this mattress can accommodate taller people.

The texas king is also not readily available, but you can have one made for you.

Alaskan King

Alaskan king is the largest bed size, measuring 108 by 108 inches (9 by 9 feet). This is the perfect size for a large family but will require a lot of space to get it through the door.

What Is the Best Bed Size for a 12 by 12 Room?

Ideally, a smaller king-sized bed could fit into a 12 by 12 dimension room. Still, it’ll eat up a lot of space, leaving little or no room for other furniture. The bed size will also make it challenging to move around easily.

Therefore, a queen size bed is a preferable option. These beds are smaller, measuring 60 by 80 inches (5 by 6) in most cases.

Queen-sized beds, though smaller, still look elegant and provide comfort and adequate space to move around. You can also set up other items and make your bedroom as comfortable as you want it to.

Still, if you prefer king-sized beds, nothing stops you from purchasing one, provided your room is big enough for it. In this case, you’ll have to invest in smaller wardrobes and nightstands for your bed to fit.

What Is the Best Distance Between the Bed and the Wall in Your Bedroom?

It’s ideal to have a minimum of 30 inches surrounding at least three sides of your bed for a comfortable position. If your room is more extensive, a 36-inch space around the edges of your bed gives it a more luxurious feel. In other words, the more space in your room, the better.

For those who don’t have a lot of space, push your bed farther against the wall. This means that the wall will obstruct your headboards and the side of your bed. Nonetheless, it opens the floor and provides more space to move around.

Another significant factor to consider is the distance between your bed and the nightstand (if you use one). Fortunately, nightstands take little space and can be kept at any position you deem fit. A three-foot feet gap between your nightstand and your bed is perfect in a 12 by 12 feet room.

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