Can a Bedroom Open Into a Garage?

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The bedroom is the most important room in a house; thus, it should be free from harm and deranging influences. Everyone loves resting in a comfortable place with minimal or no disturbance, so there is much to be considered when designing a bedroom. Can your bedroom door open into your garage?

Your bedroom should not open into a garage. Sleeping is a low-energy activity; hence the bedroom should be without hassle. Additionally, the fumes coming from vehicles are toxic to human health and may easily prompt a fire outbreak. Some building codes prohibit bedrooms from opening into garages.

It can be pretty demanding to design a good house. But there are certain aspects that one should prioritize when designing their bedroom. It would be best if you never take your safety for granted; always ensure that you sleep in a place where you are less likely to get harmed in case of catastrophes.

What Makes A Bedroom Important?


I believe everyone apprehends the essence of good sleep. It is impossible to be productive and happy if you lack adequate sleep. Good rest is also attributed to great mental health, immune function, and weight loss. Therefore, architects and engineers must focus on the bedroom design to ensure it is cozy.

Asides from rest, the bedroom is the only room one can consider their personal space. People feel safe to keep crucial belongings and go whenever they feel low. Thus, it is good to organize it to shield one from frequent disturbances.

It doesn’t matter your position in society; everyone needs to relax. Good bedrooms have two exits for emergencies and means of cooling and heating. They should be well spaced and be in locations with less noise.

Can A Bedroom Door Open in a Garage?

A bedroom door should not open into a garage door for numerous reasons. According to Section R302.5.1 of the International Residential Code, opening one’s garage door into a private sleeping area is illegal.

If you do not live alone, the person whose bedroom is near the garage would be frequently disturbed. Anytime people drive in or out of the garage, there will be noise, light, and the strong unpleasant smell of fumes.

Most people use garages for other purposes like DIY projects and playing musical instruments, which can be loud. For instance, one might build a clothing or spice rack using hammers and power saws. The noise may drive one insane or ill. For this reason, the bedroom should be placed far away from the garage.

If your garage is poorly insulated, you will have a rough time in the bedroom because it will be extremely hot. Similarly, cold can easily sneak into your room if the bedroom is often left open.

What are the Building Codes for Garage Entry Doors?

The building codes in most locations prohibit people from building homes with bedrooms that are directly open to garages. However, there are some locations to which this rule does not apply. They include Puerto Rico, Wisconsin, the U.S Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia.

The International Residential Code on bedroom buildings fixates on fire emergencies. What happens if there is a fire outbreak and you are close to the one room that could easily blow up due to vehicle fumes?

Fire outbreaks are quite random, yet they are not so common. Even so, you are probably aware that inhaling exhaust fumes can negatively impact your health. You will be forced to build a wall that will completely seal the passage of exhaust fumes; building one’s bedroom near a garage is pretty risky.

Can I Build My Bedroom On Top Of My Garage?

Unlike having a bedroom next to a garage, building one on top is safer since one will not be exposed to poisonous gas. Despite that, having a bedroom on top of a garage might also be less convenient.

One will still experience disturbances from the loud sound produced when a garage door is opened and closed. If you love going to bed early, you might be woken up by these sounds, which is not pleasant.

You can choose to have a bedroom on top of a garage; most people do. Just make sure your room is properly insulated and you are not violating any local building codes in your area.

What Do I Do If My Bedroom Opens to My Garage?

You may have been unaware of the hazards ascribed to having your bedroom next to your garage, but don’t worry, this is an issue you can fix.

The simplest way to solve this issue will be removing the door that leads to the garage, yet this is not a guarantee that you will be free from noise disturbances or exhaust fumes. However, this solution is convenient if you stay alone.

You can build a small utility room on the side of the garage so there can be some space between your room and garage. However, remember that your bedroom should have two exits, so you will be forced to construct a window that may come in handy during emergencies. The window should be large enough to facilitate an escape.

In case you live in a big house with many rooms, you can choose not to use the bedroom next to the garage unless you have to. Nevertheless, not many people are privileged to spare a room, so builders must respect the International Residential Code.

What Can You Do To Make Your Bedroom Safer and Comfortable?

The Northside location of your house is perfect for your bedroom because it is dark in the mornings and evenings. Therefore, you will not be affected by direct sunlight.

Your bedroom should have nicely installed windows for lighting and safety purposes. Some house building codes necessitate that bedrooms have windows. Even if your area’s building code doesn’t require windows, you should still install them for proper ventilation and emergencies.

Doors are also of essence to your bedroom. You should install your doors to open inwards. This way, you will be safer in case of attacks or emergencies. You can also choose to have a door that opens outwards, yet this can be disadvantageous in certain situations.

You might be living in locations that do not prohibit having a door open from your room into your garage. Still, it is wise to enhance fire safety by having an out-swinging door in your garage so you can easily escape in case you need to.

You should install a carbon monoxide detector in your room or any room adjacent to the garage to prevent a high buildup of CO2 hence minimizing chances of suffocation. In addition, you can choose to install an exhaust fan in your garage to limit exhaust fumes from seeping into your bedroom.

Finally, make it a routine to regularly check for leaks or openings in your garage and seal any entry points.

In conclusion, home safety is an issue you should prioritize. Now that you know about bedroom safety, always check the location and doors of your bedroom and garage before moving to a new place.

If you have bought a place that violates the building code, you can fix the problem by removing the door or building a utility room between your bedroom and garage.

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