Can a Bamboo Bench Go in the Shower?

If you’re looking to increase the seating space in your bathroom, you may be considering a shower seat. Talking about shower seats, the bamboo and teak seats are the only two popular options available to choose from. Before investing in a bamboo seat, you’ll want to be sure if bamboo benches can go in the shower.

Bamboo benches are excellent as shower seats, but they’re not the best option. If you’re after a durable, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance shower seat, teak is the best option. However, if you’re considering a less costly seat, the bamboo shower bench is a better option.

In this article, you’ll learn all you need about bamboo and teak seats. You’ll also learn if bamboo benches work for showers, including the pros and cons of using one. Additionally, I’d be comparing it with the only other alternative to help you make an objective decision.

Can a Bamboo Bench Go in the Shower?

You may be out shopping for shower seats because you found the ad for bamboo benches very appealing. Frankly, you wouldn’t see those if bamboo benches don’t go in showers. Bamboo benches and teak benches are two of the most practical options for shower seats.

Bamboo benches are water-resistant, and they naturally look good. They’re a favorite option if you don’t want a seat that’s easily damaged by water. Also, because bamboo benches are renewable, it easily piques the interest of environmentalists.

Advantages of a Bamboo Shower Bench

If you’re out for a shower seat, you can choose between plastic, bamboo, and steak seats. However, most people end up with bamboo seats because they look more presentable and appealing. So, what makes bamboo seats superior to most other alternatives in the market?

Here are some of the biggest pros of getting a bamboo shower bench without further ado.

1. They are Durable

Natural hardwood may be more durable than bamboo, but that’s when water isn’t involved. Since natural wood has no water resistance, it will swell and crack if used as a shower bench. However, the same can’t be said of bamboo shower seats.

For one, bamboo seats are water-resistant. Unlike regular hardwood, you won’t have to worry about seat swelling due to water absorption. With this out of the way, you can rest assured that the first damage to your refined bamboo won’t be water damage.

If wood-related materials like bamboo have solid defenses against water and heat, they naturally become durable. Since heat is never really a threat in the shower, every factor seems to favor bamboo shower benches.

Bamboo is almost always a no-brainer if you’re buying a shower seat. Ultimately, if you’re caring for your bamboo as you should, you should have no problems using it for years on end.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

Most people don’t care to repaint their wooden furniture since the natural look of wood is fascinating. Bamboo is one of the closest materials to natural wood, and it inherits something close to its natural color. This trait gives most bamboo benches an unmatchable aesthetic that matches most showers.

Another advantage is the availability of multiple designs of bamboo benches. Since most bamboo benches aren’t permanent structures, you can always swap them if they no longer fit your home’s aesthetics.

3. Eco-friendliness

While most people don’t care about the environment, many people do. If one thing is sure, most people who care about the environment won’t buy plastic shower seats. That brings the options down to bamboo and teak, and bamboo takes the easy win.

Bamboo ticks all the boxes of eco-friendly raw material, making it an easy choice for environmentalists. It’s grown in plantations, decomposes quickly, and has almost no carbon footprint, making it hard to point out the negatives.

Bamboo shower benches are an obvious choice if you’ve already bought into the eco-friendly furniture hype. Not only do you get the benefits associated with eco-friendly furniture, but you also help out the environment in ways Mother Nature would appreciate.

4. Cheap

The primary reason why bamboo bench seats are so commonplace is their price. While they may be beautiful, eco-friendly, and durable, there’s an alternative that also ticks those boxes, but at a premium.

If you’re looking for a cheap introduction to eco-friendly furniture, bamboo shower benches are a great place to start. Typically, a bamboo bench of the same size and structure as a teak shower bench costs almost half the price.

Disadvantages of a Bamboo Shower Bench

While bamboo benches may have many benefits, they aren’t nearly perfect. There are many reasons bamboo is a cheaper alternative to teak shower benches. Since cheaper almost always mean inferior, it shouldn’t be a surprise that bamboo has many disadvantages.

However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore bamboo shower benches. Bamboos are always in demand, and their usefulness can’t be overlooked. After this section, I’ll compare bamboo and steak shower benches to show you how they stack up.

Bamboo in its natural state will make a terrible material for shower benches. It doesn’t offer any form of natural resilience against molds and insects, which opens it up to premature damage. To make it relatively strong, manufacturers treat it with chemicals to prevent users from buying new ones monthly.

The chemicals used to treat the bamboo don’t hold up forever. You may have to oil your shower bench every few months to keep its resistance to molds and insects. This is one of the many issues associated with using bamboo for your shower benches.

While teak shower benches also need regular maintenance, it’s not nearly as frequent as bamboo. Since you pay almost twice as high for teak benches, it’s only natural to put in the efforts to maintain them.

Are Bamboo Shower Benches better than Teak?

While there is an option for plastic shower benches, most people prefer to stick with teak or bamboo. Nonetheless, a longstanding argument compares bamboo to teak in the specific application of shower benches. So, do you think paying the extra for teak shower benches is a wise move?

The consensus is that you should always go for teak if you can afford it. While bamboo is a compelling option, it’s evident that teak is a better and more durable alternative. If price is an essential factor in your purchase, the pricier nature of teak may discourage you.

In terms of eco-friendliness, bamboo shower benches are almost neck-to-neck with teak. They both grow across various countries globally, and they are both grown in plantations. Cutting them down doesn’t cause many adverse effects, and thankfully, bamboo grows a lot quicker.

In terms of raw strength, teak runs circles around bamboo. Even though they are both fundamentally wood, teak is closer to solid wood than bamboo, making it the more durable option. However, it’s very unlikely that you’ll have to replace either since they last very long, which is a huge plus.

When it comes to price, however, bamboo is a clear winner. While it struggles to win in other categories, it costs almost half the price of an equivalent teak shower bench.

If price is the primary factor influencing your purchase decision, you should gravitate towards bamboo shower benches.