Brown And Blue Kitchen Ideas

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White kitchens aren’t a bad idea, but honestly, color breathes life into any space. So, while greys or whites may have been the preferred kitchen colors, brown and blue are becoming a trend.

There are no undiscovered shades in a blue and brown kitchen, and the possibilities are thrilling. A delightful mix is blue for cabinets and brown for the floors and countertops, or vice versa. You could also throw in blue or brown accessories and kitchen appliances based on the dominant kitchen color scheme.

This article discusses doing a kitchen renovation and some gorgeous kitchen ideas. I will also highlight the best colors for kitchen cabinets..

How Do You Modernize A Brown Kitchen?


Brown finishes are a mainstay in many homes, and you might feel like the color in your kitchen is past its prime. Your feeling is valid, and it can be a lot to see brown constantly in your counters, carpet, and flooring. However, you don’t need to rip everything out to modernize the brown space.

Save yourself the expenses and labor by considering these simple ways to update your brown kitchen:

Remove the upper cabinetry

Nothing says an outdated kitchen like walls upon walls of upper cabinetry to store cookware and dishes. If you want to open up your kitchen space but don’t have room to spread it outwards, take it upwards. Consider replacing the upper cabinetry with open shelving and placing dishware and some decorative items in them.

Modernize the countertops

Various options for your countertop surfaces are available, so swap the cheap vinyl or tile-and-grout. There’s something for your style and budget, from natural stone selections like granite and marble to solid surfaces with polymers and resin.

Paint the current cabinetry

If your budget can’t handle new cabinetry, consider painting and staining what you already have. You can choose to cover up dingy-colored or outdated wood cabinets with a bold blue or a dark, modern black finish.

Besides painting, you can also update the cabinetry hardware. Go bold with gold or brass handles and knobs, or stay traditional with bulky chrome handles.

Change your flooring

If your flooring has you moored in the past, consider switching out the traditional linoleum or vinyl flooring with wood, stone, or tile. The latter materials will boost your home’s value and last longer.

Provide places to sit

The kitchen is probably the busiest area in most homes, and people usually congregate in it. A modern twist to this function is to add seating to the kitchen space. A bench at a window-side table, seats at a breakfast bar, or countertop stools can give a new appeal to your kitchen.

Brown and Blue Kitchen Ideas

Although blue and brown are standard for vintage-style kitchens, this mix isn’t out of style. A little creativity will help you design a stylish kitchen using a brown and blue color scheme.

Put a modern spin on that vintage look with pastels like tan, paired with baby blue or navy blue. Check out these brown and blue combinations that’ll make your kitchen stunning:

A light brown kitchen with blue cabinets

Blue cabinets may seem unusual to you, but they are a common choice in many kitchens. You could experiment with two tones of blue, with a light brown for the walls and floors.

A white wall could also bring a fresh vibe to your kitchen.

The blue will look classy with a matte or glossy finish, and light blue cabinets go well with wooden décor. If your kitchen design is rustic, pair the light blue cabinets with traditional wooden accents for an elegant look.

A Nordic-style kitchen in browns and vivid blues

When you think of Nordic designs, picture open, well-lit spaces with liberal use of natural materials, using wood for the kitchen countertops, door, and flooring adds a brown color and a natural touch. Match it perfectly with vibrant blue cabinets and add a dash of cheer with a bright yellow lampshade.

Backsplashes in a blue and brown combo

Don’t limit your imagination to just the walls and cabinets. Shake things up using brown and blue tiles as your cabinet’s backsplashes. You can continue the color blend by using stained brown countertops with brown and blue backsplashes.

Brown and blue kitchen accessories

You can match your dish set to the blue and brown theme you have going on in your kitchen. Whether metallic or ceramic, find flat plates and bowls in tones that match your kitchen’s color scheme.

Mixing your hand towels in these colors is also a nice touch. Your kitchen must-have hand towels, so consider using blown and blue linen towels to accentuate your kitchen’s theme.

Modern wooden tables and plush blue chairs

If you don’t like kitchen stools, add some plush blue chairs. They’re comfortable and sprinkle a bit of color on a brown wooden dining table arrangement.

A brown kitchen with blue walls

Blue reminds you of skies and seas, but it also exemplifies stability. Share hints of your personality by using different shades of blue for your furniture and walls. For example, a brown kitchen island and brown cabinets perfectly combine with the blues.

Even a blue island and brown worktop would be fine if you want to keep the overall look simple.

You can also use vibrant blue tiles on the walls or just above the countertops. Finally, complete your space with blue on the ceiling beams and light and dark blue accessories around.

If you’re feeling super confident, use vintage copper as your touch of brown—a backsplash or copper sink. Whether teal, turquoise, royal blue, or sky blue, go to town with what feels right to you.

Paired with an earthy tone like brown, any shade of blue will bring a relaxing vibe to your kitchen space.

Which Colors Are Best for Kitchen Cabinets?

Whether you’re refreshing or remodeling your kitchen, colored cabinets are a fantastic option to consider. They can give your room a durable finish and an aesthetically pleasing look.

Consider how each hue coordinates with your kitchen’s overall design while selecting one. Some colors can reduce the cleaning frequency, while others can visually enlarge and brighten the room.

Also, consider the cabinets’ style when selecting, and use complementary colors. Now, to some of the best colors, here’s a list for you:

  • Wholesome white: Classic and sophisticated, white is famous for these reasons and more. Its light-reflecting quality makes it a good choice for small kitchens – it’ll give a more spacious feel. In addition, white cabinets can complement a range of kitchen styles: brighten a traditional kitchen and warm a modern kitchen in combo with colorful features.
  • Beautiful blues: If white’s too clinical for you, experiment with ocean-inspired blues for your traditional-style kitchen. Blues that move towards green hues are perfect for a warmer kitchen atmosphere.
  • Gorgeous grays: The entire spectrum from gray whites to dark grays works well with any kitchen style. Whether contemporary or country-style, explore with warmer shades of greige.

Balance whatever dull look it may seem to have with suitable finishes and accessories. Gray also hides grime very well.

  • Green with nature: Let the earthiness of sage and mint’s freshness soothe and connect you to nature. You could select these shades or deep foliage green and make the cabinets an outstanding feature of the kitchen scheme.

Soothing reds, happy yellows, and black in a monotone kitchen are great cabinet colors. Alternatively, you can use two tones to create a space you’ll love for a long time. Remember that the paint should be the backdrop and draw inspiration from your decorative items.

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