Black Bathroom Fixtures Advantages

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Bathroom fixtures don’t usually come in black because people have always believed there are no reasons to be that color. However, with the increase in the popularity of black bathroom accessories, you may want to have a rethink. Are there any advantages to using black accessories exclusively in your bathroom?

Black bathroom fixtures are aesthetically excellent, and they match almost any bathroom design. They’re also easy to maintain, as you only need to wipe them with a microfiber cloth to keep them clean. To sum it up, black bathroom fixtures aren’t significantly more expensive than other alternatives available, making them no-brainers.

Before spamming your bathroom with black-themed fittings, you may want to understand why most people are doing it. This article will outline the pros and cons of black bathroom fixtures and why you should consider trying them.

Advantages of Black Bathroom Fixtures


There are many silvery accessories for your bathroom at around the same price as an equivalent black one. However, if you choose a black bathroom fixture over a conventional one, there should be clear reasons for your decision.

Here are some of the advantages of installing black bathroom fixtures in your bathroom:

Aesthetic Appeal

Black bathroom fixtures look great, but maybe not more remarkable than others with more conventional colors. Depending on the overall design of your home, using the conventional colors for your bathroom accessories makes them look dull. On the other hand, changing things up by adding a bit of black will draw attention to the fixtures.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert decorator; you can still make your home look great with black accessories. Proven by your black shoes, it’s evident that black goes with almost any color. Likewise, your home doesn’t have to follow a specific color code to work perfectly with black fixtures.

However, for the best results, it’s important to verify that black is the most appropriate color to style your bathroom. If the conventional colors for bathroom fixtures will work better, there’s no justifiable reason to go back.

Easy to Maintain

When using black bathroom fixtures, you won’t have to worry much about maintenance as with other colors. Not only are they easy to clean, but their black exterior also makes them impervious to most types of stains. Scratches, marks, and oily fingerprints won’t affect a black bathroom fixture as on alternative ones.

For matte black fixtures, the strong finish will offer some extra protection against dents and scratches. So if they don’t get to need maintenance, you won’t have to spend too much time maintaining them.

However, black surfaces highlight more dust than most conventional bathroom surfaces. A quick wipe with a cleaning cloth should get the accessory back to its former black glory. In summary, black bathroom fixtures don’t show the toughest stains, but the stains shown are easy to clean.


Admittedly, black bathroom fixtures aren’t the cheapest kind you can get for your bathroom, and that’s justified. However, with many advantages, you don’t expect them to sell for a penny apiece, do you?

Fortunately, these bathroom fixtures aren’t crazily-priced either. You can get a decent one for around the same budget as an equivalent gold or silver-themed bathroom fixture. Also, these accessories are only rare in homes; they’re widely available on the shelves.

Notwithstanding, before picking up any black bathroom fixture, it’s important to note that they have different price points. While some are reasonably priced, others cost much more than conventional ones, making them impractical for buyers on a budget.

The price flexibility on black bathroom fixtures is a clear advantage. It doesn’t matter if you want cheap or exquisite bathroom accessories; you’ll always find a fitting one in black.

Easy on the Eyes

If your bathroom is full of bright lights, sheeny bathroom fixtures will only reflect those lights. Since reflections amplify the luminance of those lights, it makes the entire room too bright. As you already know, a brighter room will expose you to more blue light, which damages your eyes gradually.

The best way to avoid damaging your eyes due to blue light exposure is using colors that reflect lesser light. Many colors can reflect lesser color, but they’re almost all impractical in the average bathroom.

Fortunately, the least reflective color is black and is exactly the color in question. By installing black bathroom accessories, you make your bathroom less bright, saving your eyes in the process. If you care about the health of your eyes, going for black bathroom fixtures is a win-win.

Disadvantages of Black Bathroom Fixtures

Black bathroom accessories might have several advantages, but they aren’t without disadvantages. If they were all perfect, nickel and chrome bathroom fixtures wouldn’t be options in the first place.

Before paying for any matte black bathroom fixtures, here are some disadvantages to note to understand what you’re buying into.

They highlight more dust and debris

While black bathroom fixtures may be marketed as “easy to maintain,” you should expect to do some cleaning. True to the claims, most semi-permanent stains will be practically invisible. However, simple stains like grime, dust, and debris will be highlighted, requiring simpler but more frequent cleans.

When buying a black bathroom fixture, buying a microfiber cloth helps clean the stains. If you spill makeup on your bathroom fixtures frequently, you may want to hold off on buying matte black accessories.

They fade too quickly

Unlike most other finishes on bathroom fixtures, black bathroom fixtures will almost always fade too quickly. Of course, you’ll accelerate this effect if you enjoy cleaning your bathroom too frequently, as that will only wipe out the surface.

Bathroom fixtures fade for a simple reason: black isn’t the natural color of any metal. It doesn’t matter how natural the accessory looks; it certainly wore the look after a coat of paint. Consequently, the more you wash your bathroom fixtures, the quicker they fade.

To prevent your bathroom accessories from fading too quickly after purchase, try washing them less frequently. They don’t need to be washed as frequently as an alternative like a nickel-based alternative. Also, wiping the accessories with a microfiber cloth after washing is another effective way to prevent fading.

Can You Paint Existing Bathroom Fixtures Black?

From the disadvantages, you might have discovered that black bathroom fixtures are regular fixtures coated with black paint. So if you’re thinking of swapping your bathroom accessories for black alternatives, you may be having a rethink.

What if you can paint your existing sinks and faucets to avoid purchasing new ones?

Depending on the quality of your existing bathroom fixtures, that may work. If the paint and the bathroom fixture are top quality, the surface should be friendly to the paint. Painting your bathroom fixtures in the black color may be worthwhile if you’re confident that they’re indeed paintable.

However, before attempting to paint your bathroom fixtures, it’s important to note that the processes are more complicated than usual. First, you must pretreat the surface to ensure that the surface doesn’t peel off immediately after the painting.

Also, you’ll need to change the way you care for your bathroom fixtures to ensure they last long. Even with special care procedures, it’s always better to buy black fixtures instead of painting them.

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