Black And White Tile Bathroom Floor Ideas

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A bathroom with tiled floors is attractive. It’s comfortable, looks good, and safer to use than other kinds of bathrooms. 

If your renovating or upgrading your bathroom, adding a tiled floor is a nice idea. It improves the appearance and more comfortable for anyone using it.

Knowing how to maintain your bathroom is also important as you will use it at least once a day. When you have finished using the bathroom, it will likely be wet, which poses a danger to the next person. Following are some useful tips for keeping your bathroom floor dry after a shower.

Types of Tiles


Upgrading your bathroom floor with new tiles is a great idea and improves its look and feel.

Using the bathroom will feel safer and more comfortable when you shower in a tiled bathroom. 

Various kinds of tiles are available on the market. Getting to know the different tiles for your bathroom, you can choose the type that will suit you best.

These differences can help you make an informed decision on which type suits your taste and style.

Classic Checkerboard

The appearance that the checkers create on your bathroom floor is amazing. These tiles are designed to form a black and white visual effect on your floor that is elegant and unique.

It provides a kind of visual upgrade for your bathroom that also makes a fashion statement on its own. The black and white colors of the checkerboard provide a cleaner look and feel to your bathroom. They are also cozy and have a calming effect owing to the patterns that are on the tiles.

As a choice of bathroom floor tiling, the classic checkerboard is best for large bathrooms. It adds a sense of order and cleanliness to your bathroom. Additionally, the checkerboard appearance encourages comfort in anyone using the bathroom and ensures that your bathroom is always clean and dry.

Pattern Play

The pattern play bathroom tiles might be one of the most complicated tile designs to implement, but they are also one of the most appealing bathroom tiles. Depending on your tastes, you can mix and match patterns, with some of the colors standing out and some of them dimmed to balance the overall effect.

Playing with patterns is complicated, and these tiles are not expected to go out of style any soon. Pattern play involves all kinds of patterns, and your imagination is the only limitation.

However, you have to play with a single unique pattern that will cover the entire floor. Space will be the only limitation for your pattern, but working with the limited space you have has been known to produce amazing effects.

Some bathroom floors use the same color with white space between them to achieve a 3-dimensional visual effect.

The tiles are arranged to form virtual cubes on your bathroom floor and provide an overall effect that is captivating.

Taking the time to select the best pattern effect for your bathroom floor is important as you get to choose the best match for your bathroom floor.

Pattern play might also be more costly than the checkerboard tiles, so you should consider this while choosing tiles for your bathroom.

Mini Tiles

Small bathrooms might seem complicated to tile, but mini tiles are here to the rescue.

When arranged, these files make the space in your bathroom appear bigger while creating a comfortable and appealing effect for you.

Mini tiles are an excellent choice for small bathrooms and are ideal for space-constrained scenarios. Whenever you are upgrading your small bathroom floor, the mini tiles should be the main choice. They are easy to install in the limited space available and enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.

Mostly White

White is the best color for bathrooms, and with plenty of light, you can create a magnificent visual effect in your bathroom.

When going for white tiles, you should get materials that are stable and not scratched.

Fireclay tiles are the best option when you need a white decoration for your bathroom floor.

Getting an expert to help with the mostly white bathroom is recommended as this can be quite tricky.

The white appearance requires a careful arrangement of the tiles, and when you have a professional, everything falls in place.

Mixed Size

Mixing and matching tile sizes is the best way to achieve a timeless design for your bathroom. Large and small tiles can work very well together, provided they are arranged to give you the best visual impression.

Mixed-size tiles will cover more space, but they will also add a sense of more space in your bathroom.

The mixing and matching will ensure that you break the consistency in your bathroom appearance and provide you with a cohesive space.

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon is one of the most interesting shapes out there, and when you choose it to decorate your bathroom floor, it becomes the best upgrade. The hexagon-shaped tiles complement each other and create a modern look and feel to your home.

They make the bathroom have a contemporary kind of appearance and a comfortable look.

Your bathroom floor will be more appealing and even friendly to anyone using it when you have hexagon tiles. The hexagon tiles have a comfortable visual appeal that does not tire or bore you in the bathroom.

They are also easy to install, and the honeycomb pattern that is created inspires the bathroom users.

Modern Farmhouse

Earthy colors are another ideal way to upgrade your bathroom floors. They are comfortable yet inspiring for the bathroom as they are made to match nature. Whenever you need to bring a bit of outdoor nature to your bathroom, the modern farmhouse upgrade might be what you need.

 Matching dark colors, brownish colors, and white patches ensure that your bathroom has that traditional look and feel while still functional.

Brown and gray colors are most used to achieve the modern farmhouse appeal in your bathroom. These colors represent the earth nature of a farmhouse and make the bathroom more comfortable and welcoming.

Polka Dot

Polka dots are a way to make a visual statement in your bathroom and one of the greatest upgrades that you can have for your bathroom floor. The polka dots make your bathroom a lot more appealing and attractive.

The polka dots work well with bathrooms and complement all the other objects in the bathroom without hiding them. Polka dots will make all the features of the bathroom stand out.

Your bathroom will look amazing and even more friendly when it has polka dots on the floor. Black and white colors for your bathroom floor will also stand out, and the polka dots will complement the other colors.

The bathroom will also be friendly for kids as the polka dots have a certain psychological effect on people.

Scattered Tiles

There are many ways in which you can use black and white colors to decorate your bathroom floors. Scattered tiles stagger the arrangement and spacing of the colors that are used on your bathroom floor.

The use of scattered tiles creates an amazing visual effect for your bathroom floor while creating an inspiring look.

You can also use the scattered effect to add a pattern that is unique in itself. Patterns that look like splashes of paint on your bathroom floor will be inspiring and attractive to anyone using the bathroom.

Starburst Design

Starbursts are amazing and the best kind of design for your bathroom. The starburst design adds a sense of space to your bathroom while bringing a contemporary look and feel. When going for this design, look for tiles that can space out the starbursts without making them feel consistent.

A unique feeling can be created by starbursts that are wide apart from one another and distributed on your bathroom floor.

The starburst tiles are attractive, eye-catching, and also durable. The design of the tiles makes your bathroom appear stylish in addition to making it more comfortable.

The visual effect is also quite powerful for your bathroom and makes the bathroom a joy to use. The stars will seem to zoom in and out as you move closer to them.

Elegant Scrolls

These tiles have an elegant look and feel to them, which is enhanced by the appearance of the borders of these tiles. You can achieve any visual appearance that you want in your bathroom using the elegant scrolls design. These designs are comfortable and unique for your bathroom.

A balance of black and white colors and detailed borders is something that you will need to implement elegant scrolls in your bathroom. The elegant scrolls are also known to add a sense of comfort to your bathroom and why they are preferred for upgrading your bathroom floor.

The flowery appearance that is created by the scrolls is unique and amazing for your bathroom floor. They provide a natural look and feel to your bathroom and make it cozier to shower in. For anyone who wants to upgrade their bathroom, this is the best choice of bathroom floor tiles.

How to keep the bathroom floor dry after a shower

With adequate ventilation, your floor will dry up faster after showering. You can also use a towel or a dry mop to absorb the excess water on the bathroom floor.

If you do not have bathroom windows, you can use a dehumidifier to get rid of the excess water.

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