Are Louvered Doors Out of Style?

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There are conflicting opinions on which doors are of the twenty-first century and which are outdated. Several door types have come and gone in history, each with a unique design. If you’re a lover of louvered doors, you can’t help but ask if they’re out of style.

Louvered doors are not out of style though they were the order of the day in earlier times. These doors date back to the Middle Ages in Europe but are still suitable options for modern houses. As long as they’re well installed, they leave a beautiful feeling, giving your home a sweet gothic touch.

Today, louvered doors appear in several places as manufacturers create more versions to fit into modern interior decorations. This write-up offers several reasons why these doors are a perfect fit for your home.

What are Louvered Doors?


Louvered doors have vertical or horizontal slats covering a part of the entire door. These slats are louvers which are also useful for other productions like windows.

Louvered doors are common as entrances to closets. They also work as obstructions to create privacy between bathrooms and bedrooms. Though they’re not as solid as wooden doors, they are quite durable and come with a long list of advantages.

Are Louvered Doors Out of Style?

The use of louvered doors dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe when other trendy designs were in vogue. Builders initially used these constructions in kitchen roofs to allow air passage while keeping snow and rain out.

Louvered doors were never fashionable; they were horrible constructions. However, they evolved into more standard designs that could suit homes as time passed. So it only took a while before home designers keyed into it and made it a recommendation in homes.

Now, you can find louvered doors in several parts of a modern home regardless of their outlook. In other words, these doors are a common choice for classy houses or traditional homes.

Which Louvered Door is Best for My Home?

Louvered doors are available in different materials, and this is something you consider when choosing one for your home. The most popular variety is wood because they’re easier to access and last longer than other materials.

Consider your environment when selecting which wooden louvered door you would like to use. Some woods are better for hot temperatures, while others do better in colder regions. Ensure to make your selection after examining your local weather and climatic conditions.

Louvered doors are also available in glass, though this is a rare choice, especially in residential houses with children.

Why Should I use Louvered Doors in My Home?

Now you know that louvered doors are still good options for housing, you may wonder why you should use them.

Below are some reasons why louvered doors should be part of your home:


Louvered doors make room for proper air passage into the house, enhancing ventilation. With louvered doors, air doesn’t just pass through the windows alone but can also seep in through the door. With this, there’s constant air circulation, an essential part of living.

The slitted fashion of the door gives room for proper airflow between the spaces. They’re perfect for use in basements or utility spaces as they let air seep in slowly.

Furthermore, they’re good options for places that tend to get damp or moist. Damp areas tend to develop a musty smell when there is no air passage. Louvered doors help reduce such occurrences by letting enough air through its slats.

These doors are also suitable for storage rooms. For instance, some food items need air for preservation. Louvered doors will serve as a protector while providing adequate air for these items.

Comfortable with Smaller Spaces

Some louvered doors come in a bi-folding style. These doors are very convenient when fitting into tight spaces or smaller door sizes. This is because they don’t completely swing open like several louvered doors.

Visual Appeal

It is a certainty that louvered doors look appealing. Aside from the slits, numerous modern design styles and patterns make it more attractive.

Unlike standard front doors, louvered doors serve as doors and as ornaments in the house. As a result, it can go with any decor, blending effortlessly into numerous furnishing design trends. Aside from this, you can paint them to your taste after installation, making them a versatile choice for doors.

Some spaces lend a comfortable, traditional appeal, especially when painted to look like wood. In others, they take on a modern, classy appearance once set rightly.

Noise Management

A louvered door is perfect when simultaneously achieving ventilation and keeping noise in check. For example, a laundry room with so many noisy machines will need a door to contain the noise. At the same time, the laundry room must be as ventilated as possible.

A louvered door will work best for the laundry room in such a scenario.

How To Make the Best of My Louvered Doors?

If you already have louvered doors in your home, you’ll want to make the best out of them. Here are some exciting ways to make the best out of your louvered doors.

Place them rightly.

You likely have several questions concerning where to place the louvered door to achieve the best effect. While it may not necessarily have to be at the entrance, it could perform even more within the house.

As a versatile type of door, you can use it almost everywhere. As earlier mentioned, louvered doors work well in your laundry rooms, bedrooms, and utility closets. 

Customize Your Door

You can always customize your louvered door to your taste. Try using custom louvered doors with thick or thin slats. Thick slats are more pronounced and easily noticeable than louvered doors with thin slats.

These custom slats also come in a wide range of designs to fit any house area. You can also paint them with colors that blend seamlessly into your room decor.

There are also different styles of louvered doors. Some louvered doors open inward or outward like French doors, while others operate like bi-folding doors

Try sliding louvered doors when you intend to reveal something stylish or grand when the door is open. These doors can be an entry from the house to the garden or open up to reveal a luxurious walk-in closet.

Upgrade Your Door

Upgrade the door with some retouches to give your door a sense of freshness and newness. You can begin by using fresh paint around the door to brighten it up. If you’re not a fan of colors, use stain to achieve a more wooden look.

Repair and fix any problems with the hinges or any other flaw that comes with time. You could get a repair kit for minor cases or call a professional when there are many fixes to be done. Finally, clean the door from time to time to wipe off traces of dust on the door’s surface.

Once you can maintain louver doors, they’ll last long and serve their purpose. The best thing about these doors is their easy maintenance. A clean wipe every day will leave them looking as good as the first day they were installed.

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