Are Curtains Out of Style

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Curtains have been around for years, and the idea of hanging them on windows and separating spaces is nothing new. They’re inexpensive, can be found in just about every color under the rainbow, easy to make and install. However, are curtains out of style?

Curtains are not out of style, and there are many reasons for this. As typical decorative window treatments, they are multifunctional, efficient to use, and keep pace with trends. They are also used in both modern and conventional interior designs.

Whether curtains hung from the ceiling or frame around your window, the fact is they’re almost everywhere! In this post, I will focus on how stylish curtains are, those that are currently in style. And why you should them in your home.

Are Curtains Out of Fashion


Curtains are not out of fashion. They are multifunctional and worthwhile. Some of the reasons most people love curtains are as follows;

They Control Temperature and Light In Your Room

Apart from making the room look incredible, curtains also regulate light and temperatures. You can use linen curtains throughout the year to keep your house warm during the winter and cool in summer. Voile can be perfect for cool spaces in summer.

And heavy curtains help in keeping cold out during cold periods.

Curtains Links Space to Fashion

If you have the right ones, they can only transform your room. Curtains have trending colors and patterns, just like other items in fashion, like shoes and dresses.

In the past years, these window treatments have had several transitions. For instance, the tart and stripes of the 1980s. They denote a different feel of the interiors.

And with a variety of curtains, they can be easily customized to give the preferred feel and look of a given space.

They Create Privacy

Having privacy is one of the major reasons many people love using curtains to dress their windows. Drawing curtains enables you to establish your sanctuary and a space for resting, playing, and even working. They provide a soft reprieve from the external world.

In amassed rooms with limited to no barrier, curtains give varied personal rooms and enable you to live peacefully

Is It Ok Not to Have Curtains

It is ok not to have curtains. You can leave your windows bare or opt for other window treatments options. It’s also notable that the habit of hanging curtains is old-fashioned and may not be needed in some houses.

If your residence has very little or no concerns regarding privacy, the windows increase a sense of personal tastes or drama. Thus, you can consider dressing the window without depending on the curtains. Check out these window curtain alternatives;

The Blinds

Blinds are adaptable window covers since you can control the amount of light that gets into your room. You can choose to install the cordless blinds on your windows. And based on the orientation of the blind, you can make it so difficult or easier to see your home’s exterior.

The best thing with the blinds is, you can easily clean them, and they are also lightweight. These standard treatments are just as effective as the conventional curtains.

Living Garden

You can have a bunch of apparent interest and more fascinating residences with the living yard in front of a window. And instead of the curtains, you can decide to stagger succulents, hanging ivy, and many more suitable plants. You can do this from floating shelves of ropes to give a real cover for your window.

The plants will also enjoy the natural light.

Stained Glass

This design is a skillful and complicated way to give your house additional privacy. However, it allows penetration of natural light. And this glass will give off a colorful sparkle in your house.

You can use it to create a comfortable setting in every room in your house.

Privacy Screens

You can decide to position a nice screen in front of the bedroom or living room window rather than having curtains. Consider moving the privacy screen in the space you need it a lot and if you don’t want the window to get obstructed. There are lots of adaptable alternatives for these screens made from synthetic substances, metal, and laser-cut wood.

What Type of Curtains are in Style Now

There are a variety of curtains that are currently in fashion. Here are some of the top trending curtains you can look out for;

Austrian Curtains

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These curtains are embraced from the management principle and conciseness of the Roman curtains. And nice flowing canvas folds of the French designs. The Austrian models are in between the two.

Though the curtains only have the folds when lifted and pulled. This is unlike the French type. And therefore, if you need to maintain the folds on your curtains even in a downward state, select a better model.

And that is the one below a windowsill. Most manufacturers prefer light and translucent materials. This can either have floral patterns or are solid-colored.

Japanese Curtains

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These designs are also known as panel curtains. They have been common in interior design for so long. And the fashion trends for the Japanese curtains may proceed to the coming years.

They look like a screen when you check them from outside. They are also defined by their laconic lines and minimalist design. They comprise cornice, which has many layers plus canvases with similar size affixed.

Either cotton or linen is normally used as the curtain’s basis. And they can be ordinary canvases with Japanese patterns. These lengthy curtains are a great fit in a house with wide and elevated windows.

French Curtains

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These are beautiful selections for decorating the windows in your home. They are also an excellent substitute for massive curtains with many layers. They spread from the floor to the ceiling.

These curtains comprise tons of sections, and each of them has soft folds of falling fabric. They appear laconic and luxurious from the outside. The materials that are often used for the curtains are muslin, tulle, moire, satin, or silk.

Depending on the beauty and nobility of their design, they will perfectly fit in brighter rooms.

Scandinavian Curtains

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A room having this kind of design comprises clear lines and neutral colors. The curtains which are created this way give a feel of a cozy environment. They don’t overstuff the room with unwanted details.

For the northern areas, the window textiles don’t do light-shielding operations. And they just frame the window opening. They are, therefore, mostly used in rooms where light is not an issue.

The long curtains are suitable in the bedrooms, halls and living room and this is in line with the current trends. They are always not used with the tulle linking both exterior and interior rooms. This is the case for many country homes.

The Roman blinds also have a durable habitat in this style. They can be the designs with tough tabs setting clear folds as you lift them or the models with no tabs having fluffy outlines.

Do You Need Curtains With Blinds

You may need curtains or blinds or both of them. This depends on the type of room you gain it for. However, you can enjoy the advantages of both the blinds and curtains by installing the two.

You may also consider curtains in areas with low moisture, like bedrooms and living rooms. This will help you avoid issues related to mold. And you will maximize soundproofing, insulation, and design options.

However, in rooms with a high amount of moisture and where the growth of mold is an issue, then consider the blinds—for instance, master bath and kitchen. Blinds have a great level of lighting control, are easy to clean, and are long-lasting.

You can also layer both in a single space to establish an extra intimate setting and increase privacy. First, consider installing blinds and hang your curtains on the rod.

Bare Windows or Curtains

You can decide to have bare windows or use a curtain based on the type of window your house has. If your window looks amazing without the curtains, you can choose not to use them.

Still, you can add the curtains to give them a perfect appearance. And just like the other window treatments, curtains offer you privacy and can make you feel your ceiling is taller. There is a trend nowadays towards bare windows.

This is mainly in the modern rooms. These windows allow a good percentage of light in a room, and if you prefer it, you will appreciate the bare look.

Curtains are not out of style as they are unique window coverings. With that said, they can adjust to current fashion and design. And if your aim is to keep out or allow additional light in your house, then consider choosing the right curtain.

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