Are Curtains Machine Washable

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When you are acquiring curtains for your house, you will keep in mind their easiness to clean. Curtains naturally collect dust and absorb smells. You might contemplate taking your curtains to the dry cleaner or wash them in the machine without destroying them. So are curtains machine washable?

What determines whether or not curtains are machine washable is their fabric. If you have polyester, cotton, or linen curtains, you can always wash them in the washing machine. For silk, organza, or velvet curtains, they are not machine washable. You certainly need to send them to the dry cleaners.

It is crucial, however, that you read the care label on the curtains to understand if they are machine washable or not. Most curtains, like clothes, will specify their fabric type and how best to care for them. If there are no instructions and you are unsure of which way to clean them, you should dry clean to be safe.

Should I Wash My Curtains?


Keeping a house clean might be a difficult chore since it is exhausting, time-consuming, and regularly done. To make matters worse, effectively cleaning each area of the home need understanding and skill, especially for areas that cause a somewhat different cleaning approach, such as curtains.

The answer is yes. Washing curtains are one of the household chores that many people put off for years. However, for an elegant and complete decorative look to your space, you need clean curtains.

As much as they look clean for long periods, you need to clean them regularly to stay in good shape regardless of their fabric. It may appear to be one of the most challenging house chores, but it is simpler than you think.

The different methods you can wash your curtains include:

1.     Machine wash

Depending on the fabric of your curtain, you can wash them in a washing machine at lower temperatures. However, always check the label of your curtain to find out if it can be machine washed.

2.     Hand washing

The delicate fabric should be hand washed to avoid damage. Use a mild detergent designed for sensitive fabrics. Although it may be inconvenient, hand-cleaning is the only method to keep your curtains from shrinking.

3.     Steam cleaning

These window treatments can also be cleaned using steam. This cleaning method is highly effective, quick, and dependable. However, you will need to have a steam cleaner or hire trustworthy expert cleaners. 

Should Curtains Be Washed Or Dry Cleaned?

Even though your window coverings may be made of washable fabric, dry cleaning always comes preferred to washing. The linings or seams may shrink in the wash. 

When in doubt about whether to wash or dry clean, always opt for dry cleaning your curtains.

How Do You Take Care Of Curtains?

Curtains give beauty to space while also providing much-needed privacy and comfort. You will want to give your curtains complete care to ensure they last long, but how can you do that? Some tips on how you can take care of curtains include:

●        Take care of any dust accumulation

Dust and dirt build-up on your curtains makes them age faster. The simplest method to avoid that is to vacuum your curtains once a month. Vacuum gently using a handheld vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

●        Protect from strong direct sunlight

Light-colored fabrics reflect the sunshine and are resistant to fading. However, direct sunlight can cause fading and damage to dark-colored curtains. Protect the dark-colored curtains from direct sunlight by using blinds or shades. This additional layer will absorb the most sunlight and prevent your curtains from color fading.

●        Wash your curtains carefully

Before washing, always check the label on the material and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you don’t know which method to employ in cleaning your curtains, always go for professional cleaners that will guarantee good care.

●        When ironing, do it patiently

It is best if you iron your curtains on the reverse side. To avoid any unwanted creases, iron your curtains before they are completely dry.

It is essential to take care of your curtains regularly to keep them in good condition.

Should I Wash My Curtains Before Hanging Them?

If you get washable curtains, it is critical that you wash them before hanging them. Curtains usually shrink the most the first time they are washed.

You will be required to iron your curtains before hanging them. Once you wash off the sizing on all new fabrics, curtains will never hang as neatly without ironing.

If you do not want to wash your curtains after purchase, you can still hang them, but you will be required to iron them. Curtains have folds and creases in them when taken out of the package thus won’t bring out the best appearance to your space if you hang them immediately.

How To Clean Curtains Without Washing

Cleaning curtains is one of the chores people neglect for years. The procedure of removing, washing, pressing, and rehanging them can be tedious and time-consuming. A lot of people may opt to replace them than washing.

However, it is possible to keep your curtains clean and in good condition without pulling them down and washing them. It might be easier than you think if you have the right equipment. So how can you clean your curtains without washing them?

1.     Vacuuming 

If you want to take care of dust, a strong vacuum cleaner with a lengthy attachment should suffice. However, for the most excellent result, use mobile and lightweight cleaning system. To reach the top of your curtains, you may need to use ladders or a step, and the only way to do it securely is to have both hands free.

Use a soft brush attachment to remove stubborn dust and debris. Vacuuming helps you remain on top of the problem.

2.     Shaking them out

You can climb to the top of your curtains with a set of ladders and shake them vigorously from someplace near the pole or rod. This will remove tenacious dust and debris. However, you will need to vacuum the surrounding regions of the floor afterward.  

3.     Brushing away tiny fibers

Certain types of curtains can attract dust and fabric fibers, often known as lint, which can stick to the material even when vacuumed. If your vacuum cleaner does not remove all the lint, try a lint roller or brush. Have someone draw the curtains outwards and flat for you to ensure you catch everything.

4.     Steam clean your curtains

For greasy or unsightly stains on your curtain, vacuuming or brushing won’t help, but you can remove them with the power of steam. You don’t have to wash your curtains. A powerful handheld steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment can frequently remove stains and grime from curtains with little effort.

However, it is vital that you check the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations before cleaning using steam.

You don’t have to waste money and time washing your curtains or getting them to professional cleaners. These simple techniques may yield the desired results.

Can You Machine Wash Curtains That Say Dry Clean Only? 

When taking your curtains to the dry cleaners, there are times it might not be practical, whether for financial or timing reasons. Maybe you’ve even thought of changing your dry-clean-only curtains.

You can machine wash curtains that say dry clean only. However, if you must machine wash dry clean only curtains, use a very light detergent and a gentle cycle. Do not wash them with anything else since they may not be colorfast. Allow them to dry and only use a mild iron if absolutely required.

What Happens If You Wash Dry Clean Only Fabric?

To cut on costs or save time, you may be tempted to wash dry clean only fabric. While some clothing may withstand hand washing or machine wash on a gentle cycle, having any fabric labeled dry clean only in a washing machine may be and frequently is a costly error.

Some things that happen include:

  • Your curtain could shrink significantly or stretch out of shape.
  • The fabric could tear.
  • Colors can fade.
  • Any beading, sequins, or lace might be destroyed by washing.
  • ●        Washing might change the fabric’s texture.

If you are unsure and want to reduce the chance of damage, always take your curtains to professional cleaners.

Can You Wash Polyester Curtains That Say Dry Clean Only?

Polyester that says dry clean only can be safely machine-washed. Turn the polyester-knit fabric inside out before washing to avoid snags. Use cold water on the gentle cycle using a moderate cold-water detergent designed for delicate fabric. Tumble dry on low heat, then rehang while still slightly moist.

Ensure you set your washing machine to the load size and remove the curtains as soon as possible.

Most curtains are machine washable. However, make sure you understand the type of fabric and read the label on your curtains to decide on the best methods to clean.

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