Are Curtains Considered Window Treatments

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Window treatments are additions made to a window to improve its appearance while maintaining the privacy and reducing energy consumption. T

here are many types of window treatments to suit your tastes and preferences in decorating your house. However, there is some ambiguity over what makes up window treatments. This raises the question; are curtains considered window treatments?

As much as they can be personal property, curtains are considered window treatments, usually referred to as soft window treatments. Any enhancement on or around your window is considered as a window treatment.

Remember that window coverings aren’t just for the inside of your house. They also incorporate the adjustments to your windows outside the home. Shutters are an excellent choice for external window decoration.

Other external examples include flower boxes or architectural elements that frame the window itself, such as latticing or trim.

Curtains And Window Boxes Make Your Home Cozy


Window curtains prevent not only excess light into your room or offer you privacy; they do add a touch of beauty to your space as well. An excellent fitting window curtain makes your home warm, stylish, and cozy.

Everyone has their unique style, how they want their window curtain to look, and the patterns they would want to see on their curtain cloth. The main reason for the difference is to match the house’s interior or just one’s love for specific patterns and style.

If you are looking for curtains to make your home cozy, consider some of the curtain hanging styles. 

Different styles will bring a fresh look to your house and undoubtedly make it look more fabulous. 

Some of the cozy curtains hanging styles include;

1. Panel with rings

As the name suggests, this curtain style makes up a curtain fabric hanging from rings, also referred to as grommets. Grommets are attached at the top of the fabric where the curtain rod passes. This hanging style leaves the curtain rod entirely exposed, and it will thus require that you use a wooden or metal rod that is attractive and has decorative patterns.

The panel with rings hanging style is perfect for patios that are easily accessible since they are easy to open.

2. Pleated Panels

This type of curtain hanging is a formal decorative style that never goes out of fashion. Header tapes generate the pleats. The tapes are sewn from the panels back, and they form the pleats when pulled together. Hanging hooks are inserted into the tape, and the panels hung unto the rings with a cord and pulley system for opening and closing.

3. Tab top panels 

This type of hanging style has loops of fabric sewn into the panels to seam. Since it hangs flat from the tabs, this type of hanging style is perfect for displaying patterns and decorative features of your curtain fabric that will add a touch of style to your home.

A notable feature about this hanging style is that it is difficult to draw it across the rod; it is thus suitable for windows that you can’t access frequently.

4. Rod Pocket Panel

This style is suited for soft fabrics typically aligned for a casual feel. It has channels sewn into the top back of the panel where the rod slides through.

Window Boxes

Window boxes are long and narrow boxes usually placed on the windowsill from the outside. Flowers and other beautiful plants are grown on them to add beauty to your home. Window boxes with beautiful eye catchy flowers are undoubtedly an addition of beauty and style to your home.

There are two most common types of window boxes, the hanging boxes and those placed on the windowsill. For hanging boxes, they limit you from planting many heavy flowers since they can easily collapse on the weight they exert.

Planting mixed flowers or different ranges of flowers colors and plants will add a cozy look to your home décor. The outside of your house will be stunningly colorful and full of life.

Design Elements Part Of The Decoration

About seven key elements make up exquisite home décor. These elements include;

Space– knowing the space of your house or room very well will help you in designing it to be more decorative easily. Your space size will determine the type of curtain treatments to use as well.

Light– the lighting in your room is critical when you want to add curtains to decorate it. Lights will dictate the type of window coverings you should buy and even the design you will use to hang them.

Form– this refers to the things you put inside the room and their actual size. Take time to consider what you will put in your room. Using a similar form in a room will create a more appealing look for your house.

Color– this is the most apparent room decoration element. Color will, however, go with one’s preference. You can paint different colors in different rooms or even in the same room.

Other home decorations elements include Furniture and objects and the Pattern and texture of the room. 

What Is Considered A Window Treatment?

Window treatments can be divided into two; hard and soft treatments. 

Hard Treatments

Hard treatments are made from hard materials such as vinyl or wood. These are factory-made, such as shutters, shades, and blinds. Some treatments, such as blinds, are merely used for privacy, but homeowners often consider the aesthetics. These types of treatments allow you to control the lighting in a room as well as regulate heat. The following are examples of hard window treatments:

Window Shutters

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Window shutters have horizontal slats that tilt up and down as per their installation. They vary between louvers or fixed slats. You may install window shutters both on the exterior and the interior of a building. Materials mainly used for shutters are wood and plastic.

Window shutters are helpful for privacy, security, controlling the amount of light in a room, and preventing unwanted intrusion or damage. The shutters can fold across the window but cannot be moved. 

Window Blinds 

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These are treatments that have slats that allow the window to tilt open or close. They permit a person to have a view without opening the whole window. Types of blinds include Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, and wood blinds.

Venetian blinds

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These are blinds that are mainly used for their aesthetic value and can enhance the look and feel of a room. They are also excellent in maintaining privacy and security.

The main advantages of using aluminum Venetian blinds are the economically pricing of the materials, the wide range of colors and designs you can choose from, durability, and the glorious light and heat control.

Vertical blinds

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Vertical blinds are available in wood, fabric, and PVC. They rarely collect dust, unlike the horizontal blinds since they operate from side to side instead of lifting and lowering. They are extremely useful in doors and windows that slide horizontally.

These vertical blinds are best used in huge windows and patio doors as well. The blinds made from fabric have noise reduction and insulate from extreme solar heat and the cold from the wind.

Window Shades

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Shades are pieces of fabric that can roll, stack, or fold. They provide excellent protection from extreme weather and also contribute to enhancing the overall room decor.

The window shades are such as cellular shades and pleated shades.

Cellular shades

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These types of shades have single-cell and double-cell fabrics. They work to regulate and control the lighting of a room, from high brightness to flickering and finally blackouts.

They operate by trapping air pockets between the window and the room, keeping warmth in cold weather such as the winter.

Pleated shades

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Pleated shades are mainly helpful in enhancing the interior décor of a room. They enhance the room by adding up grace and charm.

Pleated shades come in a variety of colors and designs.

Soft Window Treatment

Soft window treatments are used as decorations on top of hard window treatments but can also function alone. What may set your interior décor apart when using the soft treatments depends on the choice of color, fabric selection, and sizes.

Types of soft treatments include; curtains, drapery panels, and valances.

Drapery Panels

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The most popular type of gentle treatment is the drapery panels. Mostly for purely aesthetic purposes and stationary use. They may also be functional and may open and close depending on light and privacy regulations.

There are many pleat styles to choose from, having the pinch pleat as the most common. Drapery panels are best for windows as they cover them entirely with their floor-length shapes.


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Also called drapery are fabrics that create elegant, sophisticated, or casual looks. They may be drawn or remain stationary at either side of a window. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes and can either be bought directly from the stores or custom-made.

They vary according to the noise reduction capabilities, fire resistance, dust and oil retention, and durability.

Curtains are window treatments. They boost the aesthetics and look of a space by giving a distinct flair to the window.

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