13 Stunning Grey House Exterior Ideas

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Grey has long been a favorite in modern and contemporary interior design, but it’s also very popular for exterior decorating as well. The neutral color can be used to create a soothing atmosphere on the outside of your home.

The best thing about grey is that it goes with almost anything. If you want to add a little bit more interest to your house have a look at the examples below that we hope will inspire you!

1. Grey Shingles and Siding


A nice mix of gray shingles and siding on this beautiful house gives it an elegant feel. It’s not too dark or light, so it works really well. The brickwork on the chimney stands out and adds a touch of warmth.

The different styles work together nicely. You might even want to try something similar for your own place.

2. Two-Toned Home

This traditional home uses light gray and brown to create a warm and inviting welcome. The colors work well together and are easy to live with. The garage door adds some interesting texture and helps break up the monotony of the walls.

3. Modern Gray Home

Modern homes are all about clean lines and simple designs. This one does both. The white trim around the windows and doors give it a crisp and clean appearance. Gray and white really work well in this design and bring out the beauty of the home.

The shads of gray make the home inviting and welcoming. A great idea if you like the look of this house.

4. Light Gray with Yellow Door

A nice mix of gray walls and a yellow door really make this house stand out. The outside lighting is really helping to illuminate the front porch. The combination of these two colors really makes this house pop.

It looks good from inside and out. We love how the gray complements the yellow and brings out the brightness.

5. Dark Gray and Brown

The dark and brown make this home look rich and cozy. The wood adds warmth and the steps to the front porch are a nice accent.

The garage door is just perfect and would allow you to park your car right next to the entrance.

6. Gray White and Yellow Door

I simply love this house it eludes me why I don’t know. Maybe because it reminds me of my childhood? Either way, it’s got a lot going for it. The bright yellow door really pops against the gray background and the white trimmings are just gorgeous.

I’m sure summertime on the porch is lovely.

7. Modern and Luxurious

The different shades of grey are used quite effectively here. They help to tie everything together and make it look classy and luxurious. The garage door really sets off the gray and add a touch of drama.

The gray is combined with the neatly landscaped lawn and the wooden fence. It’s a wonderful example of what you can do with a little creativity.

8. Bright Yellow

Lighter grays stand out against a brighter yellow. The yellow door really draws attention and makes the whole house stand out. The bigger windows will help flood the room with natural sunlight.

The garage door is a popular color to match with gray and yellow.

9. Colorful Gray

There is an expansive porch, sidewalk, and manicured lawn on this two-story gray house. The porch stands our and adds a sense of space.

The colorful window treatments add a bit more life to the home. The brickwork around the house just brings the whole thing together.

10. Natural Elements

Luxury home with three car garage fits into the landscape perfectly. The natural elements blend in seamlessly with the surroundings and enhance the overall look of the home.

This grey home not only added a fresh new look but also created a sense of calmness within the home.

11. Grey Classic House

Grey classic house with two white garage doors. The different shades of grey create a modern feel to the home. The large windows let in lots of light and the porch is a beautiful place to sit and relax.

The stonework around the porch and lawn adds classic color to the home.

12. Grey Brick Cottage

View of entrance porch with a walkway and two-car garage with driveway. It has a nice mix of shades from the bricks, garage, and windows that creates a warm welcoming feeling.

The lawn and plants are kept well maintained. The garage door is painted in a darker shade which gives it a unique appearance.

13. Gray and White

The mix of light gray and dark gray makes this home look very elegant. The white trimming and the white windows give the home a clean and crisp look.

It’s a clean design that fits so well into its environment. This house shines bright even during the winter months. It’s a refreshing look that is easy to live with.

What Exterior Colors go With Gray

The best exterior color for a gray home is white. White goes well with any shade of gray and makes the house look clean and fresh. If you want to add some color to your home, try using a light blue paint color.

Yellow also brings out the gray in a home. Deep orange or red paint color works well too. You can use these colors as accents instead of painting the entire house.

Gray is a great neutral color. Any other color would be too jarring. 

Is Gray Color Good for House Exterior

Gray is great for houses because it makes them look bigger and more modern. However, you should avoid using too much gray color because it may make your home appear cold. Instead, use lighter colors such as white, blue, green, yellow, etc.

What Trim Goes with Gray House

Gray house goes well with white trim. White trim is classic and timeless. If you want to add some color, try using a light blue or green for the trim.

What Color Makes Gray Pop

White is one of the colors that makes other gray pop. If you want to use gray for design, try using dark gray instead of light gray. Dark gray has more contrast with white and black.

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